2nd Semester Course Policy Reminders for AP Biology, Accelerated Biology, or College Prep (CP) Biology

The main web page is located at: http://www.grochbiology.org/index.htm  select the course that the student is enrolled in either AP Biology, Accelerated Biology or College Prep Biology.

Note the following policy : if an assignment is turned in past the unit test day then the assignment can only earn up to 75% credit (even if complete). This change does not affect lab re-do re-writes that were turned in on time.

Note: some of the grading category weighting has been changed to incorporate 2nd semester projects (see the bottom of student progress reports in School Loop.

On the class webpage you will find the course policy, syllabus, homework calendar with tutorial links and study tips (http://www.grochbiology.org/STARNoteTakingStrategy.docx also check out the Study Guides and Strategies Web site at http://www.studygs.net/ )

Grades will be available at http://srvhs.schoolloop.com/ . CP Biology Success in a Nutshell (http://www.grochbiology.org/BiologyOpportunitiesforSuccess.html)

Links to Podcasts: http://www.grochbiology.org/CrashCourseVideoList.html and http://www.grochbiology.org/CPBiologyPodcast.html as well as others on the class web pages.

The fastest way to contact me is at rgroch@srvusd.net. To reach my voice mail by telephone, please call 925-552-3728. Tutoring is available on Tuesday A period or by arrangement after school.

Please return this half sheet (a copy was given out in class) if you lose your copy you may print out another copy from the HW calendar, or ask me for another copy. Please

sign and return the bottom half of this sheet for credit. (Note to returning students: if there are no changes to email addresses please write “no changes” on the email address line.)

Thank you again for your generous and kind support of science classes, Mrs. Groch

__________Tear Here and PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. THANK YOU. _______

Student Name: ________________________ Period ____ Email Address: _______________

We have read and understand the course information (listed online).

Student Signature:_________________ Parent or Guardian Signature:_______________

Parent or Guardian Name(s):_______________ Parent or Guardian Email Address:__________

List any new special needs here (allergies to latex, etc).