AP Biology Post AP-Exam PowerPoint Project Rubric (100 points)


Student 1:

Student 2:

Catchy title (5 points)



Humor appropriate (-20 points for denigration of anyone)



Appropriate topic for biology (no superheroes) (10 points)



3 “actual research article” with data and tables (topic of each article: (15 points)






Other background information on topic (5 points)



Audibility (includes not reading directly from the SmartBoard) (10 points)



visual impact (can read text on background, no more than 5 words per bullet) (10 points)



knowledge of subject & clarity of the topic (10 points)



Max 20 slides (not including sources or references) (5 points)



All references cited in APA style (5 points)



Images cited either on slide as URL or numbered and citations on last slide (5 points)



the ability to field questions  (5 pts) participation during questioning



Prepare an outline of your  (5 points) presentation to EMAIL or post on sr.apbio Google Docs out to each member of the class on the day of your presentation. (one hardcopy for the teacher)



ready on day assigned (10 points)



Total (100 points)



Avoid too many "flying" effects. Avoid backgrounds that make it difficult to see the text. Avoid placing too much information on one slide; just the salient facts are necessary. You can provide more details verbally. Avoid reading exactly what you have written or your classmates sleeping (automatic reduction of 20 points).