Cellular Respiration Rubric (32 points)

Note: if you were absent on lab day please include typed on a separate piece or pieces of paper the required information

1. Title (descriptive contains IV and DV information) (1 point)

  1. Introduction/Background: 2-4 paragraphs with information pertinent to the lab, including Gas Laws (e.g. Charles' Law), cite references (4 points)

  2. Procedure: paragraph of basic inquiry lab your group designed (2 points)

  3. Results: 

 a. Figure 1: Data Table includes: descriptive title, only one horizontal line under column titles (unless there is a mean at the bottom of raw data), columns titled correctly with units in parentheses, sig figs correct (only as many numbers as the accuracy of measuring tool also applies to calculations). (4 points)

b. Figure 2: Graph; required, if used temperature trendlines and two equations using X-Y scatter of table data and (one with warm and cold germinating seeds to get rate for Q10), descriptive title, axes labeled with units in parentheses. (4 points)



for type of seeds as well as the Q10 for temperature inquiry or Any other calculations that you did to determine rate (5 points)

d. Actual calculations for rates: for oxygen (percent O2/ hour or ppm Carbon dioxide) or gas pressure, or Q10 (only for warm vs. cold germinating peas) may be handwritten or paste calculation from online calculator Q10 calculator  (5points)  Q10 calculator to check handwritten work: http://www.physiologyweb.com/calculators/q10_calculator.html

5. Discussion/conclusion: must include data/statistics from lab to support answer as well as cited information (incuding Q10 if you did temperature and Charles' Law). (5 points)

6. References (2 min) must use proper APA format (see www.bibme.org)