Academic Integrity/Honesty Contract

Read through the power point titled “Academic Responsibility and Plagiarism”, and then write T for true or F for false next to each of the following statements.

1) Turning in the same work for 2 or more classes without expressed consent from instructors for those classes is  not considered cheating because it is your own work. ______

2) Fabrication includes making up data and or references. _____

3) Plagiarism includes copying work of another, even if you change a few words into synonyms and scramble the order of the sentences. _____

4) Since you work with lab partners/groups, it is ok to turn in the same report as your partner/ other lab group members. ______

5) Helping another commit academic dishonesty of any kind makes you guilty and subject to face the same punishment as the student who commits the act. _____

6) Having a cellular phone or other prohibited electronic device out during a quiz or test is considered cheating. _____

7) Using internet or written sources without referencing them is considered plagiarism. _____

Name:   PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY    Period:  _____ Course Title: _________________________________________

I, ______________________________, have read the school and course academic honesty policies and promise to adhere to the guidelines set in these documents. I understand that not following these policies may result in losing credit on  assignments and repeated infractions can result in being dropped from the course without credit and other disciplinary actions as outlined in the school and course policies.

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Parents, please review the above information and the power point entitled titled “Academic Integrity “ and Academic Integrity Quiz  (located on or or ) and sign below to acknowledge your students commitment to practicing proper academic practices.


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