Accelerated Biology Syllabus ( text book Biology Concepts and Connections, Campbell, 6th Edition)


This course is for the highest achieving freshman student who is considering taking Advanced Placement Biology as a Junior or Senior.  Each unit of study will involve inquiry and or problem based learning  (more on  PBL )activity &  laboratory exercises.  There will be one required independent research project used to enter into a local, regional, or state science fair project.  Students will have access to advanced laboratory techniques.  Students will keep a research journal, utilize technology in their lab reports, and present their findings in research symposium format.   Students are expected to complete a summer assignment.    Students that are new to the school district and unable to complete the summer assignment are expected to complete it before the second week of October..

This course meets the U.C. and C.S.U. laboratory science requirements. It meets and exceeds the California State Science Standards for Biological Science as well as the San Ramon Valley School District Science Standards for Biological Science.  A grade of C or better is needed to fulfill this requirement.  UC and CSU, do not recognize weighted courses for freshmen students. 

Students will study the major themes of biology utilizing a variety of inquiry-based laboratories, hands on labs and lessons.  More than 50% of the course is lab based.  The major themes include those set by the National Science Foundation:

Concept Mapping

Virtual Glossary of Biological Terms

Scientific Root Words

Biology Animations

Good Biology site with a great deal of topics

Standards Review for Biological Sciences for the State of California

Enrichment Articles

BrainPOP Quizzes and Tutorials (many subjects only 2 per day otherwise they want you PAY).

# Days



Text: Chapter: Biology

Concepts & Connections


“Problem Based Learning Activity




Big Picture/ How Scientists work; Tools and Procedures

Web link: Safety Guidelines and Contract.  

Web Link: Position paper

Web link: Using Excel to make graphs etc...

Web Link: Write A+ Lab Reports

Cool Site on the Scientific Method

Science as a process

Science Fair Forms


Chapter 1/ Introduction to the Study of Life


Chapter 35.1-35.11



  What is a PBL? 


The Checks (ENSI) & The Checks worksheet


A Birdsong Trilogy PBL


Case Study: Thinking inside of the box


Organism Lab


Pillbug Web Lab


The Box Activity





Origin of Life

 Origin of Life

History of the Universe Time Line

 The Real Story of the Big Bang

Primordial Soup

Article: Universe Origin

Many Web Links

Overview of Life

 Chapter 15.1-15.3

 The Origin of Earth, Evolution of Life on Earth







History of Everything Timeline (ENSI)


Globs Alive? (demo)




Chemistry (inorganic/organic)

Web Link: Water …, Liquid Water and Hydrogen Bonding

Hydrogen Bonds

Chemical Bonding, Animation

Web link: acid/base  

The Mole  Why do Atoms React

Chapter 2: The Chemical Basis of Life (all)





Plant Pigment pH Green Advice,



Web Link: Building Biomolecules

Web Link: Properties of Biomolecules

Web link: Functional Groups, and biomolecules 

Web link: Macromolecules

Additional Web Links

Funtional Groups

Large Molecules (biomolecules)

The truth about lipids

Chemistry of Carbon


Lipids and Proteins

Nucleic Acids

Condensation and Hydrolysis Reactions


Chapter 3: The Molecules of Cells



Molecule Kit,

Vitamin C Titrations

McMush lab,



Cells & Cell Signaling

Everything about cells

Web Link: Cells

Web Link: Calculating Cell Size

Web link: What Limits Cell Size

Web link:  Cell structure & Function

Web link: Cells Alive

Web link: Animal Cell Organelles 

Web Link: Plant Cell Organelles

Web link: Microscope

Web link: Field of View Activity  


The Cell

The Virtual Animal Cell

 Chapter 4: A Tour of the Cell


Biocoach: Cell Structure and Function




Curse of the Mummy PBL

Lab 6A & 6B,


Pink Gel-O (cell size and surface area)


Microscope Use & Measurement Training

Counting Stomata Lab



Plant Cell Osmosis,


What’s up Doc,


 Helms 6 Pro-Eukaryotes





Exchanging Materials

Everything about cells

Web link: Membrane Structure

Web link:  Biomembranes I and Biomembranes II

Web link: Transport in and out of cells

Web Link: What the Heck is a Receptor?

Web link: Diffusion

Web Link: Osmosis

Web Link: Excretory System

Web Link: Excretion, Urine, Tubule

Web link: Excretory System

 Web link: Respiratory Tutorial notes

Aquaporins and more Web Links

Nephron/Excretion Animation

Water Regulation and Homeostasis

Chapter 5.1-5.9

Ch 25.5 - 25.13 Homeostasis, Osmoregulation and Excretion

Chapter 22.1-22.3, 22.6

Chapter 25.4-25.9




Old MacDonald PBL

Don tries to culture fish cells PBL

Water, water, everywhere PBL

U. R. in Trouble


Energy, Life, Biosphere

Web Link: Laws of Thermodynamics

Web Link: Enzyme Cornucopia

Web link: Enzymes

Web Link: ATP

Web link: Enzyme Tutorial

Web link: Lock & Key Model

Web link: Model for Enzyme Block by poison

Web link: Digestion

Web Links

Chapter 5.10-5.16


Digestion Chapter 21.4-21.13




A case of Aversion to Sugar


Jimmy Harris or Kryptonite in his pocket




Catalase BSCS LAB 2

Bean juice Titrations,



Cell Respiration

Web Link: Cellular Respiration

Web link: Cellular Respiration

Web Link: Glycolysis Animation,

Web Link: TCA Cycle (Krebs)

Web Link: Electron Transport Chain Additional Web Links

 Chapter 6

Biocoach: Cellular Respiration





Wee Yeastie Beasties


Help Jiminy Cricket is in a Jar



Photosynthesis from start to finish

Web Link: Leaf Structure

Web link: Light Reaction

Web link: Calvin Cycle

Web Link: Photosynthometer

Web Link: C3/C4/CAM

Additional Web Links

Photosynthesis doesn't occur in the dark article

Web Link: Comparing Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis

 Chapter 7 (all)


Biocoach: Photosynthesis





Gas Station on Mars


Combined Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis Content

The Geritol Solution PBL

Web Lab

Leaf Disk Assay

(Pictures of Leaf Disk  procedure)






Expressing Information

Central Dogma Central

Web link: Transcription Animation

Web link: Translation Animation


DNA/RNA Structure/Fxn Chapter 10.1-10.3     Replication 10.4-10.5    Central Dogma 10.6-10.16 Gene Regulation 11.1-11.10

Biocoach: Transcription  Biocoach: Translation


Silex strobilus PBL

To be tested or not tested PBL

Hemoglobin activity

Web Quest: The Riddler 

(pGlO) Bacterial Transformation


Cell Cycle and Mitosis

Web link: Cell Cycle and more

Web Link: Lots of Mitosis animations etc.

Additional Web Links

Web link: Mitosis Animation

Animated Microtubules

Web Link: Onion Root Mitosis

Web link: DNA Replication

  The Replication of DNA

 Chapter 8.1-8.11

Chapter 11.18-11.21


Biocoach: Mitosis

Biocoach: DNA Structure and Replication






Mitosis Slides onion tips


NIH Cell Bio & Cancer

Mitosis Slides w/ Onion tips



Transport & Immune & Endocrine

Web link: Animal Circulatory Systems

Antibody Production animations

Web link: Cardiovascular Animation and tutorial

Homeostasis and Negative Feedback

Blood Sugar Homeostasis

Additional Web Links

Thyroid Gland Animations

Web link: Taxis and Kinesis

Homeostasis and Negative Feedback

Positive Feedback

Lock and Key and Neurotransmitter Cartoon

Circulation 23.3-23.15

Immune Chapter 24.(all) and Viruses10.17-10.21

Chemical Regulation 26.5-26.11; 27.6

Nervous + Brain 28.1-28.9; 28.15-28.21

Biocoach Cardiovascular I

Biocoach Cardiovascular II



  Picnic Sick PBL

HIV and the Health care professional PBL

Mad Cows of Kent PBL

An Andean Adventure PBL

Zoe takes a dive PBL

Web Lab


Glowing Germs Demo

Pink Disease or E.L.I.S.A.


 Conditioned Reflexes,





Meiosis, Reproduction & Development

Web Link: Meiosis animations

Web link: Embryonic Development

Meiosis Tutorial

Meiosis Lecture

 Mitosis vs. Meiosis Animation

Embryonic Development Site

Visible Embryo

Human Reproduction/Hormone Cycle

Chapter 8.12- 8.18

Chapter 27.3-27.6; 27.9-27.11

Biocoach: Meiosis

Biocoach: Plant Structure and Growth


Plant Web Links:

Plant Slides

Plant Hormones

Plant Tissues

Twins marry twins PBL

Should Victoria skate PBL

Mix-up at the Fertility clinic PBL



Plant PBLs

Wing Cho’sMorning Glory PBL

Martha wants a blue ribbon PBL


 NABT meiosis activity



Patterns of Inheritance

Web link: Basic Genetics (free 14 day trial)

Web link: Genetics Basics

Web link: Test Cross

Web link: Mendel's Laws

Web Link: 1st Law 

Web Link:  Co-dominance and Variations on 1st law

Web Link:  2nd Law

Web Link:  Monohybrid Crosses Practice Problems

Web Link: Animated Monohybrid cross

Web Link: Eye Color Info

Web Link: Blood Types,  ABO information

Web Link: Color Blindness

Web Link: Dihybrid Crosses Animated Dihybrid

Web Link:  Pedigree symbols, Pedigree Analysis

Web Link: Animated Pedigree Analysis

Web Link Sex-linked problem set #1


Sex linked Problem Set 2

Web Link: More transposons


Web Link: Weird Genetics

Web link: Genes and Metabolic Disease

Web Link: Blue people 

Web Link: Blue People Pedigree

Chapter 9 (all)

Chapter 8.19-8.24 (Human Genetics)


Biocoach: Mendelian Inheritance


Everything you ever wanted to know about Genetics


  When Twins Marry Twins


Human Genetics Problem Sets

Case Study: The Origin of Skin Color



 Fast Plants: Who's the Father







Evolution & Diversity & Populations


Additional Hardy Weinberg

Web link: M&M Chi Square Analysis

Web Link: Peppered Moth

NCSE: Peppered Moth

Humans and Chimps in the same genus???

Fossil Hominids

Taxonomy 1 & 2


Chapters 13 (all),14 (all), 15 (15.4-15.19); 35.12-35.23





 "Hominid Fossils"

Case Study: The Missing Link

Case Study: Of Mammoths and Men

Case Study: The Dating Game

Pandas and Bears

Pore Behavior PBL


Wooly Worm Lab

Who's on first? 

 Lengthy Relationships

 How tall were they Footprints


Great fossil find


Fish Protein Electrophoresis


Hominid Skull Activity:Hominid Skulls; Skull Information; Data Sheet and other info Questions to Answer


Advances in Genetics & Biotechnology


Web Link: DNA Fingerprinting

Web Link:  Everything you every wanted to know about Biotechnology

Web Link: More on DNA fingerprinting and More;

Web Link: PCR

Prokaryote Gene control includes Lac Operon

Recombinant Technology (All you’d ever want to know)


Biotechnology Animations


DNA Technology

Chapter 11.4-11.17 and Chapter 12


Biocoach: Biotechnology (Restriction Enzymes)

Biocoach: LAC operon




Bioethics Web Quest

Cystic Fibrosis Quandry

Web link:  Case Studies

The Plant that Squealed PBL

Which Dog Did It?

Anna or Anastasia PBL


Mexican Corn Genetics/Jumping Genes

DNA Extraction


OUTBREAK DNA Finger Printing


Whose baby is it?”


Crime Scene PCR





Web link:  Biomes

Web Link: Intertidal Zone

Web Link: Climatograms

Chapters 34: Biosphere

Chapter 36

Chapter 38


Survivor Ecology Project

Cry Wolf

Oil/Ocean Beach

Something’s Fishy 

Case Studies:

Threats to Biodversity

First in Flight/Wet lands development

Improving on Nature

My Brother's Keeper

Fish Kill

Cancer Cure or Conservation

Biological Controls

Fecal Coliforms in Antartica

Web Activity

Population w/ Duckweed,



Sow Bug Fun,

Oil Degrading Bacteria,

 Dispersal & Mark and Recapture,

 Creek Study