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50th Anniversary of the discovery of DNA: Original Article, Crick on DNA and Rosalind Franklin

Darwin's Works On-Line

31,000 Year old Cave Drawings


AP Biology Article Review/Book Reviews will be due on the following dates: 



Date Due

Book Review #1

 Your Choice/ Extra Credit

September 29, 2006

Article Review #2


October 27, 2006

Article Review #3

Cell Reproduction (Extra Credit)

December 1, 2006

Article Review #4


January 12, 2007

Article Review #5

Prokaryotes (Extra Credit)

February 23, 2007

Article Review #6

Evolution: Mechanisms

March 30, 2007

Article Review #7**

Bioethics (Extra Credit**)

May 7, 2007

**(Note: students taking the AP Exam are exempt from #7 Article Review, if you do not take the AP Exam you must complete Article Review #7).


Suggested Articles: (you will need to ask me to retrieve the article for you or you can find the magazines in the classroom.)

Article Review Write-up Instructions

Please include the following: Authors Name (s), "Title of Article", Publication Title, Date, Volume, Page Numbers.  (Either includes a copy of the article or the URL.)

The Article Review write-up requires a summary of the article, 1-2 typed pages. Analyses could include why the research is important, how has it added to our knowledge, how has it changed/or updated the textbook, and any criticisms of the work. Grades are based on your understanding of the article and the ability to express your understanding in writing. (Yes, spelling and grammar count.) Articles must be about original research, news excerpts or news briefs are not acceptable  ( if you want an article from Science or Nature (which are password protected) you can email a request to me and I will email the article to you.)

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Fish Invasions in the World's River Systems: When Natural Processes Are Blurred by Human Activities

Conservation biology: Cats, rats and seabirds

Nitrogen balance and Arctic throughflow

Methane bubbling from Siberian thaw lakes as a positive feedback to climate warming


A lipid-based model for the creation of an escape hatch from the endoplasmic reticulum
Changes in Membrane Polar Lipid Fatty Acids of Seashore Paspalum in Response to Low Temperature Exposure

Body Systems

Immunology: Natural killer cells remember p544 Cells of the adaptive immune system hold a grudge: on re-encountering a pathogen, they show a robust protective response. It seems that natural killer cells of the innate immune system might also have this ability. Sophie Ugolini & Eric Vivier Full Text | PDF (1,935K)\

Feedback Protection for the Inner Ear: (1/2009)

pbio_1000019_tn From Creation to Consolidation: A Novel Framework for Memory Processing
Edwin M. Robertson
Full-text | Screen PDF (429K)  (1/2009)


Cell Signaling

The JAZ family of repressors is the missing link in jasmonate signalling (jasmine scent in flowers)

Immunology: Narcissistic helpers

Inflammatory disease: Assault on the guardian

Immunology: Sensing the enemy within


Arsenic(III) Fuels Anoxygenic Photosynthesis in Hot Spring Biofilms from Mono Lake, California

Evidence of Global Chlorophyll d

Prolonged suppression of ecosystem carbon dioxide uptake after an anomalously warm year

Old-growth forests as global carbon sinks

Tracing the stepwise oxygenation of the Proterozoic ocean

Astrobiology: Photosynthesis in watercolours

Cyclic electron flow around photosystem I is essential for photosynthesis

Cell Reproduction/Cancer/Immunology

Virology: The battle within;jsessionid=48F7C0C4F847E2DE965EB8A95C30BA74


Cancer Regression in Patients After Transfer of Genetically Engineered Lymphocytes

Stem-cell ageing modified by the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p16INK4a:

Cancer biology: Infectious tumor cells

Ageing: Mice and mitochondria

Centrosomes and Chromosome Segregation: :

Genes/ Central Dogma

Minireview      (just need to register)
Sperm dumping as a defense against meiotic drive
Tom Price, Zenobia Lewis, Nina Wedell
Journal of Biology 2009, 8:6 (20 January 2009)

pbio_1000026_tn Hotspots of Biased Nucleotide Substitutions in Human Genes
Jonas Berglund, Katherine S. Pollard, and Matthew T. Webster
Full-text | Author Summary | Screen PDF (388K)

pbio_1000016_tn A Novel Function for Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein in Translational Activation
Elias G. Bechara, Marie Cecile Didiot, Mireille Melko, Laetitia Davidovic, Mounia Bensaid, Patrick Martin, Marie Castets, Philippe Pognonec, Edouard W. Khandjian, Hervé Moine, and Barbara Bardoni
Full-text | Author Summary | Screen PDF (887K)

Molecular biology: RNA rules

Genomic biology: The epigenomic era opens (introduction) actual article:

Genetic variants regulating ORMDL3 expression contribute to the risk of childhood asthma

A Synthetic Maternal-Effect Selfish Genetic Element Drives Population Replacement in Drosophila

Editing-defective tRNA synthetase causes protein misfolding and neurodegeneration

Molecular biology: Sticky end in protein synthesis

Looping out Introns:

Gene regulation: A reason for reading nonsense

Proteomics and cancer: Running before we can walk?

Behavioural genetics: All in the family

Searching for the Genome's Second Code:

Gene Order and Dyanmic Domains

Jumping Genes in Plants:


Developmental biology: A ten per cent solution


Cell biology: Bacteria's new bones

Evolutionary Origins of Prokaryotic Genomes:

True Evolutionary History of Bacteria:

Where do all those genes come from?

The ring of life provides evidence for a genome fusion origin of eukaryotes 152
Summary | Full text | PDF (155k) | N&V | Supplementary Information


Adaptive Plasticity in Female Mate Choice Dampens Sexual Selection on Male Ornaments in the Lark Bunting (Fickle females keep changing their minds)

Implications of new early Homo fossils from Ileret, east of Lake Turkana, Kenya

Survey Sequencing and Comparative Analysis of the Elephant Shark (Callorhinchus milii) Genome
Byrappa Venkatesh, Ewen F. Kirkness, Yong-Hwee Loh, Aaron L. Halpern, Alison P. Lee, Justin Johnson, Nidhi Dandona, Lakshmi D. Viswanathan, Alice Tay, J. Craig Venter, Robert L. Strausberg, Sydney Brenner
The cartilaginous elephant shark has a basal phylogenetic position useful for understanding jawed vertebrate evolution. Survey sequencing of its genome identified four Hox clusters, suggesting that, unlike for teleost fishes, no additional whole-genome duplication has occurred.

A juvenile early hominin skeleton from Dikika, Ethiopia (3 year old A. afarensis)

Deuterostome phylogeny reveals monophyletic chordates and the new phylum Xenoturbellida

Molecular insights into human brain evolution

Gene Losses during Human Origins

Adaptive evolution of non-coding DNA in Drosophila

Evolution at Two Levels: On Genes and Form

Divergent Selection and the Evolution of Signal Traits and Mating Preferences

A Map of Recent Positive Selection in the Human Genome

Sexual behaviour:  Rapid speciation in an arthropod

Microcephalin, a Gene Regulating Brain Size, Continues to Evolve Adaptively in Humans

Conservation of Y-linked genes during human evolution revealed by comparative sequencing in chimpanzee

Less is More:

Genome sequencing: Differences with the relatives

Tortoise conservation: One of a kind

Species Interactions and the Evolution of Sex

Extinct Dwarf Hominid Discovery

Fat Bubbles and Origin of Life + + + 


Other Extra Credit Articles

New Insights to the Structure of Water

Lost at Sea: Where is all the Plastic:

High levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide necessary for the termination of global glaciation

Theoretical immunology: Parasitic turncoat

Neurobiology: A matter of balance

Pheromone Article:  MHC Class I Peptides as Chemosensory Signals in the Vomeronasal Organ(click on full article)

Obesity and the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Single Origin of the Eye;306/5697/796a

Cancer Killing Compound

Evolution of the Immune System:

Cross-pollination and Ecosystem Stability: