Chapter 17.2

1. What did Earth's early atmosphere contain?

2. Explain how Miller and Urey's experiments suggest how mixtures of organic compounds could have from earlier simpler "inorganic" compounds and molecules. Use a diagram to illustrate where the experiment showed these compounds being manufactured.

3. How do scientists know that oxygen showed up later in the atmosphere?

4. How did the appearance of oxygen gas drive some organisms to extinction? Where to "anaerobic" organisms live today?

5. What is the endosymbiotic theory? Where can you find evidence of the theory "living" today?


Reading Homework Requirements:

1. Record your notes in your journal. Label the top of the page with the date and the section heading numbers.

2. Pick a "note" style that works for you: Cornell note taking style OR outline OR mapping to record your notes.

Mind mapping:

Cornell notes:


3. Check out the homework assignment for the pages, vocabulary and key concepts to address in your notes.

4. For each key concept explain why the concept is important in terms of maintaining life; (note not all listed categories apply to each key concept)

    a. obtaining energy

    b. evolution

    c. heredity

    d. eliminating waste

    e. humans