Biology: Biodiversity Lesson 1:

 (NOTE: do not write in the Student Workbook).

Links to the online version of the Student Edition and Student Workbook are here: Biodiversity Project

a)      Using the Student Workbook and the vocabulary list, see page 2-3: match the definition of words for Lesson one (on the front side).

b)      Go over answers.

c)       Look at typical biomes (Visual Aids PPT, slides 6-9. Slide 4: what is a bioregion?

d)     Look at the California Map at Biological Diversity, where are we located?

e)      Open Student Edition, Read California Connections Biological Riches and Rarities, pages 3-6, in your group come up with a definition of biodiversity, does it conflict or match the definition in your warm up. What does biodiversity have to do with the words “riches” and “rarities”. Record your answers in your journal.

f)       Class share out.

g)      In your group look at pages 7-10 in the Student Edition, answer the questions in the Student Workbook IN YOUR JOURNAL on pages 4- 5.