Biology Course Opportunities in a Nutshell

1. Extra credit opportunities are listed in the HW calendar (not on Schoolloop) and open to students who are checkimg the HW calendar.

2. School Loop calendar has study guides for quizzes and any Notebook Agenda’s,(SmartBoard documents*) and PowerPoints that students request I post. Everything else is on the HW Calendar (here’s a link (calendars are on the left) Note: the most current information is on the SmartBoard each day and I do daily reminders of assignments. * to open a SmartBoard Notebook file, first save file to your computer then go to to open the file.

3. Labs have specific due dates, but I will accept labs as on time by the unit test (after a unit test the total possible points for a late assignment is 75%). Students are encouraged to rewrite their labs for additional credit.

4. Homework stamps (5 points each) are given for reading assignments and some activities in their journal, there are specific dates due, but I will still issue stamps up to the day of a unit test. (no stamps after the unit test).

5. Quiz scores under 75% are offered quiz corrections for a flat score of 75% (these corrections can be done at home since the study guides are the quiz for the most part).

6. Test corrections are offered (0.25% for each corrected answer These corrections have to be done in the classroom, at lunch, or after school, or A period if the student doesn’t have an A period). Test booklets are not released by department agreement. Students have at least a month to do these. (purpose to fix faulty knowledge and learn if overanalyzing answers and other strategies).

7. All late, redone, and extra credit assignments are due by the Monday before Final Exam week.

8. Students are welcome to bring in labs a few days early for me to look over or edit, and I’m available most days after school for help.