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 Ecology, Biochemistry, Cells & MembranesEnergy, Cellular Metabolism, MitosisDNA/ RNA/Protein Synthesis, Meiosis/ Genetics,
 Evolution, Plants, Diversity of Life, Body Systems , AP LabsUser Guide to the AP Exam Reviews for final exam by topics

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Biology what's it all about

Secret of Life

Reading Guides to Campbell Chapters (for earlier 8th Edition)  (Note: included are the Nature Scitable Essentials for clarification and other links for enrichment)

Additional Websites, Animations & Podcasts:
Cell Biology Animations from John Kyrk (requires Adobe Flash to work)
Encyclopedia of Life One Species at a Time

Articles of Interest 

Statistics and Math for Science:

Introduction to Statistics

Standard Deviation Standard Error

Beginner's Guide to Graphing

Graphing Data by Hand

Graphing by Spreadsheet


Hierarchy of life
Homeostasis & Ecology (prezi podcast)
Abiotic and Biotic Factors   (AP Essentials #20)
Exchanging Materials with the Environment   (AP Essentials #14)                          
 Behavior and Natural Selection (AP Essentials #26)
Aposematic Coloration
8 types of  Animal Behavior
Populations (Essentials #50)
 more communiites (Essentials # 46)  
R and K Selections
Ecosystems (Essentials #47) and niches
Ecological Succession
Ecosystem Impacts (Essentials #51)
Biodiversity (Essentials #55)
Cooperative Interactions (Essentials #49)
Homeostatic Disruptions (AP Essentials #22)
Response to External Environments(AP Essentials #19)
Information Exchange in Organisms (Essentials #40)
Biogeochemical Cycling
Chi-square test
Pillbug Behavior

Chapter 1
Ecology/Biosphere: Chapter 52
Behavior: Chapters 51
Scitable from Nature: Animal Behavior
Pop Ecology: Chapter 53
Scitable from Nature: Population Ecology
Communities/Ecosystems: Chapters 54-56
Scitable from Nature: Ecosystem Ecology & Community Ecology    & Conservation/Restoration

Prezi: Behavior (Campbell 9thEd)
Prezi: Population Dynamics (Campbell 9th)
Prezi: Community Interactions (9thEd)
Prezi: Ecosystem Structure (9thEd)
Prezi: Conservation Biology (Campbell 9th)

How Science Really Works
The Real Scientific Method 
Saving Life on Earth    E O Wilson (TED Talk)
Ant Colonies/ Community Behavior (TED talk)
Water Hyacinth Podcast
Beetles & Moths Podcast
Red Paper Lantern Jelly Podcast
Whale Behavior: Blowing Bubbles
Sneaky Sperm Whales
Now you see the octopus Now you don't
Bioluminescence in the deep ocean
Perfecting Compost
Ant Rafts & Caterpillar Robots
Bug Out...sensing spring
Crows using tools
Rumbling Tree Frogs "get off my plant"
TED Talk: Edith Widder: Glowing Life in an Underwater World

Population Systems and Mutualism  Extra Credit Article Review
First Comes Global Warming and Then an Evolutionary Explosion
Effect of Environmental Toxins on Wildlife- Wildlife Forensics
Algae making Biofuel
Algae and Animals living together: Going Green (endosymbiosis and mutualism)

Chemistry of Biology (Gremski)                                  
Water a polar molecule      
Water, Acids & Bases Part I (Gremski)      
Water, Acids & Bases & pH Part II (Gremski)                      
Molecules of Life
 Biological Molecules (Essentials #42)  
Functional Groups Polymers

Lipids and Carbohydrates

Proteins Structure & Function Part I (Gremski)
Proteins Structure & Function Part II (Gremski)

Nucleic Acids
Bioenergetics (free energy)
Enzymes (Essentials #48)

Chapter 2-5

Prezi 3: Macromolecules

Amino Acids & Proteins

Why is Water Necessary? Article

Cells & Membranes
Abiogenesis (creation of life from non-organic source)
(AP Essentials #10)
Three Domains of Life
A Tour of the Cell Endosymbiosis
Charactistics of Life  (AP Biology Essentials #5)
Cellular Variation (Essentials #52)
Why are cells small?
Cellular Organelles (Essentials #43)
 Compartmentalism-Specialization (AP Essentials #17)
Cooperative Interactions (Essentials #49)
Cellular Membranes (AP Essentials #15)
The Cell Membrane
  Transport across membranes (AP Essentials #16)
Osmosis Lab Walkthrough
Diffusion Demo

Cell: Chapter 6
Scitable from Nature: Essentials of Cell Biology Unit 1 & Essential of Cell Biology Unit 3
Membranes: Chapter 7

Prezi: Tour of Cell, Endomembranes
Prezi: Matter-Energy Processing and Organelles
Prezi: Structure and Support
Prezi: Cell Transport

Cell Anatomy Animation
Cell Membranes
Making Cilia/Flagella

TED talk the line between life and not life

Size of Cells Article
Yeast Get By with Little Oxygen

Energy, Cellular Metabolism, Mitosis
Enzymes (Essentials #48)
 Gibbs Free Energy/ (AP Essentials #12)
  Free Energy/Thermodynamics( Biology Essentials #12)
Coupled Reactions
Introduction to Photosynthesis & Respiration
(AP Essentials #13)
Cellular Respiration
Cell Respiration Lab
Mitosis & Cell Cycle (meiosis is also included) (AP Essentials #28)
Positive & Negative Feedback Control (AP Essentials #18)
more on feedback control
Signal Transmision and Gene Expression
(Biology Essentials #32)
Evolutionary Significance of Cell Communication (AP Essentials #36)
Cell Communication (AP Essentials #37)
Signal Transduction (AP Essentials #38)
Effects of Changes in Signal Transduction (Essentials #39)
Viral Replication (AP Essentials #35)

Enzymes/Metabolism: Chapter 8
Prezi Presentations: Enzymes, Metabolism, Cellular Resp & Photosynthesis
Prezi: Cellular Energetics

Cellular Respiration/Fermentation: Chapter 9 (Glycolysis) (Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle) and Electron Transport Chain
Prezi: Chemoheterotropic Nutrition
Photosynthesis: Chaper 10 (Light Reaction and Dark Reaction/Calvin Cycle)
Prezi: Photoautrophic Nutrition

Chapter 11: Cell Signalling
Scitable from Nature: Essentials of Cell Biology Unit 4: Cell Communication
Prezi: Cell Communication

Mitosis/Cell Cycle: Chapter 12
Scitable from Nature: Essentials of Cell Biology Unit 5 & Essential of Genetics Unit 2 (Mitosis & Meiosis)

Prezi: Chromosomal Abnormalities

Chapter 11: Cell Signaling
Signal Transduction (cute demo with food),
 G protein animation, 2nd messengers Cool Tyrosine Kinase animation (slap/giggle)
Apoptosis (animation)
 (see also  Hormones, Nerve Synapses)
Aquaporins- Movement of water through the cell membrane (animation)
how vesicles move with dynein and kinesin
How Bacteria Talk to Each Other (TED talk)
Roots of Plant Intelligence TED talk
Shugosin cool name what is it good for?
Shugosin 2 (not just a cool name)
Great Animations of Cell Signaling
cool mitosis computer animation
Silly YouTube Mitosis Video

Tracking the Spread of a Nasty Virus (in a lunch bag?)

TED Talk (Doyle) Treating Cancer with Electric Fields (Cell Cycle/Mitosis)

Violation of 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Article
Proteasome Article (extra credit)
Water Potential Link and another link (if you really want to know how psi is measured physically)
Need for Oxygen, Iron Acquisition Article
Glycolysis in Archaea

Bacteria using Arsenic instead of Phosphate or Not     and the
Original News release on Arsenic Bacteria

Extra Credit or Photosynthesis article
 Structure of Signaling Enzyme Reveals How Calcium Turns It On (2010)
How Normal Cells Can Win the Battle for Survival Against Cancer Cells
Extra Credit Article Review: Apoptosis

Extra Credit Article: The nature of cell-cycle checkpoints: facts and fallacies

Timy Multicellular Organisms that live without oxygen (modified mitochondria called hydrogenosomes)

DNA/ RNA/Protein Synthesis

Nucleic Acids
Meselson Stahl Experiment
DNA Structure     
DNA Replication
Transcription & Translation
 Gene Regulation  (AP Essentials #31)
Signal Transmission and Gene Expression (AP Essentials #32)
Regulation and Timing in Development(AP Essentials #24)
DNA & RNA Part I (history) (Biology Essentials #27 A)
DNA & RNA Part II (structure)(Biology Essentials #27 B)
Central Dogma: Transcription
Homeostasis Hugs
Cellular Specialization (Development) )Essentials #44)

Biotechnology: Molecular Biology

Meiosis: Chapter 13
Essential of Genetics Unit 2 (Mitosis & Meiosis)
Prezi: Chromosomal Abnormalities
Prezi Presentations: Cell Cycle/Mitosis (Presentation 3 & 4)
Chapter 16: Chromosomes

Prezi: Intro to DNA

Prezi Presentations: Biotechnology
Prezi: Central Dogma
Prezi: Regulation of Gene Expression
Prezi: Viruses

Prezi: Molecular Genetics/Genomes...
Scitable from Nature: 
Gene Regulation: Chapter 18
DNA Structure/Replication: Chapter 16
Scitable from Nature: Cancer
From Gene to Protein: Chapter 17
 Scitable from Nature: Essentials of Cell Biology Unit 2 &   Central Dogma & Eukaryotic Gene ControlIntroduction to Biotechnology & Bacterial Operons & Bacterial Gene Control & Gene Mapping & Essentials of Genetics Unit 4 (Manipulating DNA)

Genomics 101 (TED talk)
DNA Anatomy
YouTube DNA Replication Song to backstreetboys
DNA Replication
HHMI RNAi slideshow
DNA/Chromosome Structure
From Gene to Protein Animation (Cell Function Overview)
Protein Transport Movie
Transcription and Translation

Microbial Mutations and Genetic RecombinationExplanations with Animations

Search for Emerging Viruses (TED talk)


Humorous NPR animation of viral infections

Articles on Francis Crick's contribution to Central Dogma/Protein Synthesis & DNA
MicroRNAs Transform Adult Cells into Neurons
Genomic Structure rather than Mutations may explain Differences in Individuals

Genetic Mismatches Between Nuclei and Mitochondria Make Yeast Hybrids Sterile

Pseudogenes no longer vestigial?

Origins of Gene Regulation (2010) good extra credit article review

The Role of Nucleosome Positioning in the Evolution of Gene Regulation

pre-mRNA splicing Alternate Splicing Article

Hot Topic: RNAi silencing expression

Why is DNA the main nucleic acid for information storage instead of RNA?

Violation of Central Dogma???? Non-ribosomal peptide synthesis

Active RNA Polymerases: Mobile or Immobile Molecular Machines?

Pseudogenes Alu article (extra credit article)

Meiosis/ Genetics
Preview of Genetics
Chromosomal Genetics
Mitosis and Meiosis Simulation   
Mendelian Genetics  (Biology Essentials #29)
Punnett Squares
Using the addition and multiplication rules to solve genetics problems

Genotypes & Phenotypes (AP Essentials #33)
Blood Types
Linked Genes
Pedigree Analysis
Advanced Non-Mendelian Genetics  (AP Essentials #30)
X-chromosome Inactivation
Cellular Variation (Essentials #52)
Environmental Genotype Effects (Essentials #53)

Mendel: Chapter 14

Prezi: Mendel Part I
Prezi: Extension to Mendelian Genetics
Prezi: Human Genetic Conditions

Scitable from Nature: Essentials of Genetics Unit 1Brief History of Genetics
Chromosomal Inheritance: Chapter 15
Blame it on DNA (youtube)
Scitable from Nature: Essentials of Genetics Unit 3 & Chromosome & Disease & Genes & the Environment & All about X & Genetic Diseases

EVO-DEVO Rap from Stanford (from Autumn)
Okay here is the murky truth about heterozygotic inheritance (complete, incomplete, and codominant)

Time Magazine article on epigenetics
Jumping Genes Reveal Kangaroos' Origins (2010)
Background Article on PV92 and Evolution
 Dosage Compensation in the Mouse Balances Up-Regulation and Silencing of X-Linked Genes
 Epigenetics- the next level of gene control outside of inherited DNA sequences (Article from NEB-2010)
Transposon silencing

Pericarp and Transposons

Jumping Genes in Plants horizontal transfer article

Evidence for Evolution
Evolution & Natural Selection (AP Essentials #1)
Hardy Weinberg  (KhanAcademy)
Solving Hardy Weinberg Equations
Scientific Evidence for Evolution (AP Essentials #4)
  (Examples of Natural Selection) (AP Essentials #2)
Mechanisms that Increase Variation (AP Essentials #34)
Population Variation (Essentials #54)
Cellular Variation (Essentials #52)
Environmental Genotype Effects (Essentials #53)
Genetic Drift (AP Essentials #3)
Origin of Life on Earth  (AP Essentials #11)
  Radiocarbon dating
Speciation and Extinction  (AP  Essentials #7)

Stickleback Evolution
Speciation & Reproductive Isolation (AP Essentials #8)
Red Queen Hypothesis & Population Evolution
(AP Essentials #9)
Homeostasis Mechanisms Reflect Evolution
(AP Essentials #21)
Behavior and Natural Selection (AP Essentials #26)
Phylogenetics (AP Essentials #6)

Comparing DNA sequences DNA Fingerprinting

Population Modeling

Darwin+: Chapter 22
Evolution of Populations: Chapter 23
Scitable from Nature: Essentials of Genetic Unit 5 Essentials of Genetics Population Level & Genetic Variation and Evolution
Origin of the Species: Chapter 24
History of Life on Earth: Chapter 25

Prezi Evolution/Brief History of Life (D. Knuffle)
Prezi 2: Evolutionary Forces
Prezi 3: Evidence of Evolution
Prezi 4: Measuring Evolution
Prezi 5: Speciation

TED Talk: Human & Neanderthals Share DNA

EVO-DEVO Rap from Stanford (from Autumn)
Timeline of Life on Earth
Ediacaran Fauna Fossils Podcast
Marine Iguana Podcast
Island Fox Podcast
Prezi Presentations of Evolution Topics
Camel Adaptation Song

Toxoplasma needs Cats and Rats to Reproduce how do Cat Owners fit in?

Nova: Dover Trial : Defining ScienceDarwin's Predications; Fossil Evidence

Evolution YouTube (Stanford)

Evolution of Skin Color (TED talk)

Ken Miller on chromosomes on chimp and human

Chromosome breakpoint areas lead to speciation

Wolbachia and Intragenomic Conflict Slide Show (an alternative version of natural selection) Toxoplasma gondii another parasite that changes behavior in mammals; linked to alteration in sex-ratio in humans, more

Earliest Dino Fossils

New Species of Carnivorous Dino with Funky Toes

Au. sediba not H. habilis oldest human?

The Hypertension Hypothesis 

The Hypertension Hypothesis Rebutted (good science/bad science)

Hardy-Weinberg Article and Background (pdf)

Back to Africa Migrations 12,000 years ago article (2012)

PTC paper article

Sticklebackfish article

Your Inner Fish articles:
A Devonian tetrapod-like fish and the evolution of the tetrapod body plan
The pectoral fin of Tiktaalik roseae and the origin of the tetrapod limb
Oldest footprint on terrestrial Earth
Gene Swapping drives Evolution in Prokaryotes
Biased Gene Conversion (may be responsible for accelerated evolution)
Interbreeding European Mice Species passing resistance to pest control chemicals
Cryptic Variation between Species and the Basis of Hybrid Performance
Genetic Mismatches Between Nuclei and Mitochondria Make Yeast Hybrids Sterile
Channeling Evolution Article
Evolution and the Innate Immune System
Giant bugs in the Carboniferous, larvae sensitive to high oxygen levels
Huge Birds lived at same time as Dinosaurs

Plants Overview
Plant Structure
Plant Nutrition and Transport
Plant Control (hormones)
Plant and Animal Defense  (AP Essentials #23)
Mechanisms of Timing & Control (Plants/Animals/Bacteria)
(AP Essentials #25)
Plant Reproduction & Development Part I Structure and Fertilization (Gremski)
Plant Repro & Dev Part II Pollinators & Angiosperms (Gremski)
Plant Repro & Dev Part III:  Alternation of  Generations (Gremski)
Plant Repro & Dev Part IV: Double Fertilization (Gremski)
Plant Repro & Dev Part V: Comparing Plant & Animal Development (Gremski)
Intro to Plant Diversity
Bryophytes (mosses, etc)
Seedless Vascular Plants (ferns)

Plant Diversity I & II: Chapters 29-30
Plant Structure: Chapter 35
Plant Transport: Chapter 36
Plant Control: Chapter 39
Prezi: Feedback Responses (Animals/Plants)

Four Leaf Clover Podcast
Quinine Tree Podcast
Lebanon Cedar Podcast
Orchids and Reproduction
Pollen Origami
Moss as a Lawn
Lighting up plant circulation
Speedy Life of Plants

Diversity of Life
Charactistics of Life  (AP Biology Essentials #5)
Three Domains of Life
Life on Earth Archaea
Life on Earth Bacteria
Classification of Life
Diversity of Life (Bacteria, Protists, Fungi, Plants) from Savage's Science Tutorials
Life on Earth: Bacteria
Animal Diversity from Savage's Science Tutorials
Alternation of Generations
Intro to Plant Diversity
Bryophytes (mosses, etc)
Seedless Vascular Plants (ferns)

Phylogeny & Tree of Life: Chapter 26
Bacteria/Archaea/ Protists: Chapters 27-28
Invertebrates: Chapters 32-33
Vertebrates: Chapter 34
Prezi 1: Biodiversity: Classification
Prezi 2: Biodiversity: Domains
Prezi 3: Biodiversity: Eukarya
Prezi 4: Biodiversity: Chordates

Dinoflagellates Podcast
Box jellies Podcast
Sea Slug Podcast (w algae symbiont)
Horseshoe Crabs (not really crabs)
Lichen Podcast
Giant Squid Podcast
Branchtip spiders
Foothill Yellow-legged frong Podcast (local critter)
Bacterial Evolution (diarrhea) TED talks
6 ways fungi can save the world (TED talk)
Flesh Eating Fungi (Cordyceps mind controlling fungi-YouTube)
Stalking the Wild Mushroom
Hunting the Wild Lichen
Pond Scum videos
Cool video on nemerteans and echinoderms
Attack of the Sea Slugs (nudibranchs)
Secret Life of Burrowing Owls
Ant Rafts & Caterpillar Robots
Leaf Cutter Ants...worn out choppers
Rumbling Tree Frogs "get off my plant"

Ants, Parasitic Fungi, and Streptomyces
New class of Plants Hormones found (9/08)
Algae and Animals living together: Going Green (endosymbiosis and mutualism)

Body Systems
Anatomy & Physiology
Elements of a Feedback Loop
Positive & Negative Feedback Control (AP Essentials #18)
Homeostasis Hugs
Homeostatic Loops
Cooperative Interactions (Essentials #49)
Organ Systems (Essentials #45)
 & Plant and Animal Defense  (AP Essentials #23)
    Flight or Fight Response
Evolutionary Significance of Cell Communication (AP Essentials #36)
 Mechanisms of Timing and Control (Plants/Animals)
(AP Essentials #25)
Circulatory System
Endocrine System & Hormones
Nervous Systems-Brain & Neurons (Essentials #41)
Sensory Systems
Reproductive System
Cell Communication (AP Essentials #37)
Muscle System
Skeletal System
Response to External Environments(AP Essentials #19)
Immune System
Cellular Specialization (development) (Essentials #44)
Respiratory System
Digestive System
Anatomy & Physiology from Savage's Science Tutorials 

Basic Principles: Chapter 40
Animal Nutrition: Chapter 41
Circulation & Gas Exchange: Chapter 42
Immune: Chapter 43
Osmoregulation/Excretion: Chapter 44
Endocrine/Hormones: Chapter 45
Reproduction: Chapter 46
Nervous System: Chapters 47-49
Prezi: Intro/Homeostasis
Prezi: Feedback Responses (Animals/Plants)
Prezi: Nutrition
Prezi: Transport (resp/circ)
Prezi: Immunity
Prezi: Thermo & Osmoregulation
Prezi: Endocrine/Hormonal Communication
Prezi: Neurons (Nervous Sys)
Prezi: Sensory (integration/response)
Prezi: Reproduction
Prezi: Development

Prezi Presentations: Homeostasis, Feedback, & Body Systems

Search for Emerging Viruses (TED talk)

Humorous NPR animation of viral infections

NerveTransmission (Stanford YouTube)
Put some Acetylcholine in it (Stanford YouTube)

Senses Galore

Lab Grown Hearts

Tale of Two Tongues

Rat Whiskers

Fleas Knees

The March of Immune Cells

Channeling Evolution and the Nervous System Article
A Novel Role for Dbx1-Derived Cajal-Retzius Cells in Early Regionalization of the Cerebral Cortical Neuroepithelium
G-coupled receptors and Development Article
A virus that can get up your nose into your brain

AP Labs and Other Lab Procedures
AP Lab 1: Diffusion & Osmosis and Diffusion Demo & Osmosis Demo and Osmosis Lab Walk Through
AP Lab 2: Enzymes
AP Lab 3: Mitosis & Meiosis
AP Lab 4: Photosynthesis and Lab Walk Through
Finding Stomata Procedure
AP Lab 5: Cellular Respiration & Lab Walk Through
AP Lab 6: DNA Technology/ Molecular Biology
Biotechnology: Molecular Biology
DNA Fingerprinting (Profiling)
AP Lab 7: Genetics of Flies
AP Lab 8: Population Genetics Hardy Weinberg Population Modeling
AP Lab 9: Plant Transpiration
AP Lab 10: Physiology
AP Lab 11: Animal Behavior
AP Lab 12: Dissolved Oxygen 

AP Labs on Biology Lab Bench
Virtual Labs:
UC open access virtual labs
HHMI virtual labs

Test Advice
User Guide to taking the AP Biology Test   

Reviews for final Exams by topic (unit numbers are for Bozeman Biology course)
Natural Selection (2nd semester)
Speciation (2nd semester)
Cell Processes (1st semester)
Homeostasis (2nd semester)
Genetics (both semesters)