Case Study/ Problem-Based Reflection Assignment Evaluation

General Directions: You have just completed a Case Study/Problem Based learning assignment. This “personal*” assignment is used to demonstrate personal reflection of the experience.

This assignment must be typed (in Times New Roman 10 pt. Font, single spaced, avoid pronouns and no contractions in formal writing. Provide a complete title.

*Although this assignment has been done as a group, this personal reflection must be your OWN work.

  1. (A) What was the question raised and problem identified in the case study?

    (B)What are the key concepts of biology that are covered in this case?

      (Example: In the case study “Another Can of Red Bull”, the subject was the use of energy drinks as a source of additional energy for sports endurance. The case study

      and video provided information about energy and the ingredients in energy drinks. The actual question that was investigated became “What are the ingredients in energy

      drinks?” And “Do energy drinks actually provide energy?” The key concepts were cellular respiration and energy transformations.)

  1. (A) How did the group breakup the responsibilities for doing background research on this (these) questions raised during the case study? (B)What was your specific contribution?

  2. (A)What scientific literature did your group find? (B)How does your group know that the information is valid (strength of evidence)? (your textbook is an acceptable source).

  3. (A)Describe the evidence your group used in answering this(these) case study questions. (Describe the facts found). (B)What are the pros and cons of the evidence your group evaluated?

  4. Describe any mathematical information that was used in your group's analysis of the question(s). (Example, statistics, means, rates, etc. if applicable).

  5. (A)Summarize the group's findings. (B)Do you support or disagree with the group's findings? (Make sure you provide evidence to support the findings, use citations (either superscript at the end of the sentences or parenthetical citations at the end of sentences.) (check out how to write a power conclusion)

  6. Suggest either (A) an additional investigation/experiment that should be done on this subject. Design a simple experiment that would provide data to help evaluate your suggested investigation/experiment.

    (include the IV, DV, SV, and a control setup) OR (B) suggest several additional questions that should be researched to increase your knowledge of the subject. Choose one of your questions to answer in a paragraph and provide a reference to support your answer.

  7. References: What sites did you access? (numbered APA format please