Design a Battle (make a model of an immune response).

Your group will watch from interactive. Also recommended is Crash Course: Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer - CrashCourse Biology #32 and Immune PPT

Scenarios Include:

Innate Immune Response (skin, mucous, tears)

Inflammatory Response

B-cell (antibody mediated) specific immune response

T-cell (cell mediated) specific immune response

Autoimmune response

Allergy- hypersensitivity response

Graft vs. Host tissue rejection response

Bring in some action figures, or Legos, stuffed animals, use your imagination and narrate a video showing one of the scenarios.

Your video or narrated slides need to concentrate on Structure and Function. What do the cells do? What is their structure? How does their structure match their function? (Example: the flat end of a hammer is designed to hit the flat end of the nail).

You can use your phone to either record a video (see below for APP suggestions) and upload to YouTube. (make sure you send the teacher the link and make it public so the link will open).

You can use your phone to take separate pictures and narrate over the photos using Educreations

You will have one day to plan and take pictures and one day to record your battle. If you require more time you can use the classroom A period, lunch and after school.

Your group's video must not exceed 3 minutes.

Your group will need to turn in a Bibliography of the sources you used. (please use the free service )

APPS to help you make movies:

Magisto Video Editor & Maker (Android: Free)

Magisto lets users shoot video from inside the app, edit video saved to their device and create a movie with this footage. Once students select the still images and videos that they want to include, they choose a theme and music. Then the app puts the pieces together. In order to save movies to an album, users will have to set up an account.

iMotion HD (iOS: Free, Upgrade Available)

Your students can create a time-lapse or stop-motion film using this video app. iMotion HD lets kids make a movie by combining still photos. They can set this app to take photographs at timed intervals to show elapsed time (like a plant growing or a sunset) or for stop-motion film (using action figures or puppets). With the full version of the app, users can add music and get access to extra export features like uploading their movie straight to YouTube.

Andromedia Video Editor (Android: Free)

Students can edit video saved to their device with Andromedia Video Editor. This app lets them organize clips, crop video and even apply the "Ken Burns" filming technique to still images and videos. Users can add transitions to each clip, edit audio, and record a narration using the microphone on the device. After rendering their video, students can share it on multiple platforms. lots of IOS apps for free including Lego movie maker