Ecology Unit Review Sheet:

  1. What is the relationship between climate and biome distribution?

  2. How is life organized from individual up to ecosystem?

  3. What can be a detrimential consequence of fire suppression by humans?

  4. What are examples of biotic factors?

  5. If a town population is 1000 and the growth rate is 1 % a year, how many people will there be the next year?

  6. What is the importance of a keystone species?

  7. Why are there more species in a tropical rainforest than areas more distant from the equator?

  8. What has happened in modern times to make pathogens more deadly than 100 years ago?

  9. Know how to read a food web. Which way do the arrows point. Know the difference between a producer, consumer, autotroph, heterotroph, decomposers.

  10. How does matter and energy flow through an ecosystem.

  11. What is the importance of photosyntheic (autotrophs) in ecosystems?

  12. What does an herbivore eat (see question 9)?

  13. What (in an ecosystem) is required for recycling nutrients?

  14. What is an ecosystem, who/what would you find in an example?

  15. How much energy is left for the next higher trophic (food chain) level?

  16. Who helps decontaminate polluted ecosystems?

  17. Who makes the greatest effect on chemical cycling in an ecosystem?

  18. Where (which biome) would you expect the greatest species diversity?

  19. Why are invasive species so successful?

  20. Why do scientists think we are in an extinction crisis?

  21. What would be the most serious consequence of a decrease in global diversity?

  22. What are some of the greatest threats to diversity?

  23. What is the threat of introduced species on a biological community?

  24. Why might a nature preserve NOT be the best site for a biodiversity hot spot?

  25. What is the biggest problem with selection a site for a nature preserve?

  26. What is environmental sustainability? What are some examples?

  27. What did you learn in this unit? What lifelong practices do you hope to implement?