Take Home FRQ: Ecology Unit
Directions:  Please type your answer. You can use the internet or your textbook if you have one.  You must do your own work, and not collaborate with any other human beings (in person or electronically).  If you use any sources, you must cite those sources in a reference section using APA format (www.bibme.org).

In the third presidential debate of 2000, one presidential candidate said that protecting the environment and working on a solution to stop global warming would be of high priority if he was elected president. The other presidential candidate responded that he didn’t even think scientists were sure of the causes of the “greenhouse effect. The argument continues today, so please clarify the issue as it stands today.


In typing your answer,

(a)    describe the main cause(s) of global warming

(b)   the reason why global warming is called the “greenhouse effect” include the names of the three common greenhouse gases

(c)    Describe at least three major environmental problems that may result from global warming.