Energy Dynamics Data Tables

Primary Productivity

Age (days)

Wet Mass of your plants

Dry Mass of your plants

Percent Biomass (dry/wet)

Energy (g biomass x 4.35 kcal)/ total number of your plants

Net Primary Productivity per day per plant

Caterpillar Productivity (Consumer)

Larva age (your caterpillars and class caterpillars)

____ Days

_____ Days

____ total number of days of growth

Wet Mass of cabbage (you and class) (g)

____ grams consumed

____ grams consumed

Plant percent biomass dry/wet

(done as a class 7.90 g wet- 0.76 g dry)




Plant energy (wet mass x percent biomass x 4.35 kcal) for you and class totals

_____ kcal consumed

_____ kcal consumed

Plant energy consumed per larvae (you and class)

_____ kcal consumed per larvae

_____ kcal consumed per larvae

Wet mass of all class larvae

____ grams gained

Wet mass per individual ( all larvae in class)

____ grams gained per larvae

Larvae percent biomass (dry/wet) (given 0.4)




Energy production per individual (individual wet mass x percent biomass x 5.5 kcal/g) Note: caterpillars have more energy per g than a plant)

_____ kcal per individual

Dry frass of your caterpillars and dry frass from class

____ grams excreted by yours

____ grams excreted by all

Frass mass per individual

____ grams excreted per individual

Frass energy (waste)

frass mass x 4.76 kcal/g per individual

____ kcal

Respiration estimate (plant energy consumed – frass waste energy production)

A caterpillar needs ____ kcal to live