Fast Plant Formal Lab Write-up Rubric (28 points)

Also check out The BEST site for lab write-ups includes graphing instructions

Required Items for this lab write-up include:

1. Title (1 points) (The title is a statement (not a question) reflecting the independent and dependent variables. Example: The Effect of Various Concentrations of Sucrose on Carrot Slices.)

2. Abstract (4 points) Includes 1-2 sentences of introductory information, 1-2 sentences regarding the purpose/hypothesis of the activity, 1-2 sentences regarding the result trends and 1-2 sentences regarding the analysis/conclusions of the activity.

3. Hypothesis (written and also include the Punnett square showing your prediction of the F1 parents genotypes and the offspring genotypes and predict the ratio of offspring phenotypes) (5 points)

4. Results Paragraph (includes a comparison of your group Chi square value to the cumulative class Chi square results make sure you state whether you accept or reject the hypothesis; example chi-square value you calculated is either greater or less than or equal to the chart value and what that means (5 points)

5. chi-square calculations (handwritten okay), includes your group calculation and the cumulative class calculation (6 points; three each) Chi-square help:  (All classes' data for 2008 is 410 Dark Green and 142 Light Green leaves)

6. Post Lab Questions and/or Conclusion paragraph (5 points)

Explain who are the F1 parents using your hypothesis and class data to support your answer. (In general the requirements of this section of the report is to provide an explanation of "why" of the results/data section supports or doesn't support your hypotheses. What information in the data section and/or the introduction help you explain the results you found?

9. Two  references: use format listed in APA format at  (2 points)