Forms for the Science Fair:

Here is a review of the student registration process:

Please have the students complete the online INTEL ISEF rules wizard which can be found at and use it to identify which INTEL ISEF forms are required (print the results screen) and for students to determine if their project needs preapproval. In addition to these forms, each student needs to include the rules wizard list of form AND each student will need to fill out two CCCSEF forms (Photo Release and Student Permission Forms) please include the following documents:

**After finalizing their project information and completing all required paperwork then the student must go online and complete the online registration process at

There is a $20 per student registration fee. Students with hardships can have this fee waived just note it on the online application. If you are sending a check rather than paying online, please make checks payable to Contra Costa County Science & Engineering Fair or CCCSEF.

Please see calendar for due dates... the fair director is coming on October 22nd to review forms and take completed forms. If you are certain your project forms are complete on October 22 and you are not asking to waive the fee online then please bring the check on the 22nd.

Any student forms that are incomplete will need to be mailed by the student:

Mail completed applications (with original signatures) to: 

Sia Gehrling-Sauer
6530 Bennington Way
San Ramon, CA 94520 

Please note that the INTEL ISEF and CCCSEF forms for projects requiring preapproval by the CCCSEF Scientific Review Committee (SRC) are due on October 31, 2014 and all other projects that do not require preapproval are due by January 16, 2015