General Class Information:

The BEST site for lab write-ups includes graphing instructions

Specific help:

HANDOUT:  “Parts of the Lab Report-Descriptions”

Helpful Hints for Writing Lab Reports; Link to Sample Lab Write-ups

Pronouns to Avoid; Academic Vocabulary

Excel Tutorial; Excel Graphing Help; Semi-log Graph help

Chi-Square Distribution Chart

Additional Lab write-up hints for success (click on Research and Citation on right margin to find APA citation requirements

Writing help:

How to write abstracts, example abstracts and lab reports

General Class Instructions for Lab Write-ups:

Formal Laboratory Information (AP Biology)                                         Example AP Biology Lab Write ups Example 1  Example 2

Formal Laboratory Information (Accelerated)

Formal Laboratory Information (CP Biology)

How to get an A+ on a lab write-up (from a former student)

Useful spreadsheets for Required  AP Biology Labs (note use open with MS Excel function)

Alternate Assignment for Students not Taking AP Biology Exam

Laboratory Safety Information:

SAFETY TEST, Safety Contract, Laboratory Safety Information

Research Journals:

List of links to research journals online

Reading and Study Skills:

How to do Cornell notes

Study Skills Web Site

Reading Strategy Help

Download Adobe Acrobat 5 for reading PDF files

Test Taking Skills  and Essay Writing Hints 

Misc. Information:

On Line Biology Text Book

Biology Animations

Cell Respiration