Muscle Unit Review:

(8 T/F, 17 M/C, 1 essay, 16 identification)

Rewatch the Anatomy Zone videos and Crash Course

Crash Course Muscles #1(physiology) good for review for test

Crash Course Muscles #2 (more physiology) good for review for test

Anatomy zone Muscles #1: Overview of Muscles

Anatomy Zone Muscles Episode 2: Micro/Micro Structures

Anatomy Zone Muscles Episode 3: Neuromuscular Junction !!!

Anatomy Zone Muscles Episode 4: Contraction & Muscle Tension !!! (sliding filament theory)

Anatomy Zone Episode 6: Muscle Tone (Motor unit, twitch, summation

Anatomy Zone Episode 5: Muscles ATP, Metabolism, Oxygen Debt

Anatomy Zone Episode 8: Smooth Muscle

Neuromuscular Junction PPT

Study your Dissection Guide Cat Dissection Assignment Booklet (really study it, look at actions, origins, insertions, locations)

Use the Quiz Site Muscle Dissection Quiz Site for Practice Idenification

Study your coloring book pages

Lower Leg Coloring Pages 88-95; password protected

Coloring Book Pages: 84-87; password protected

Coloring Book Pages: 64-77; password protected;Face/Neck;Trunk (there are some face muscle questions on the test)