Homeostasis Write up:

a) Answer all the questions on pages 1-4 of the Homeostasis Activity

b) perform and record data on pages 5-8, use data tables and graphs, skip page 9

c) answer the following questions on the back blank page: (avoid all pronouns and do not use the words “proved” or “correct”, in science the word “support” is used to support arguments).

  1. What did you do?

  2. What did you learn about the connection between breathing and breath depth?

  3. How is this lab activity connected to negative feedback and homeostasis (be very specific about your experience or the experience of a lab partner if you were excused from doing the activity for health reasons)?

  4. How is this activity NOT a demonstration of positive feedback?

Note to avoid pronouns just jump in and explain. For example instead of saying I did this, say...

“ Breathing rates were measured by counting inhalations and exhalations as one breath...”