Human Poster Instructions:

Due at the end of the entire Muscle Dissection Lab (includes upper, lower, face, neck, trunk):

Group members not actively doing dissection should be working on coloring pages or this poster during dissection.

  1. trace smallest member of group, use pencil, be appropriate with touching. Fix lines as needed and go over outline with black sharpie, use marker line to trace in backside of body as well.

  2. trim paper in top and bottom of poster (near head and feet)

  3. write period and group numbers and names of all group members on both sides of poster

  4. include every HUMAN muscle from your highlighted dissection list Cat Dissection Assignment Booklet , use the same colors (yarn colors) from your dissection list, show direction of fascicle in muscle, label muscle name (no action origin or insertion required unless asked for on Cat Dissection Assignment Booklet ). (46 items)

  5. make POSTER'S right side anterior items and left side dorsal items.

  6. you may have to be a little creative on superficial and deep in areas where more than 2 muscles overlap, you will see different artists demonstrate this differently, it's your project, do it in a way that makes sense to your group. (think “reflected” muscle look at the Muscle Dissection Quiz Site for Practice Idenification for inspiration)

  7. Grade will be based on accuracy and number of muscles identified.