Required for Absence on one or more lab days:

Please staple the Absence Makeup to end of lab write up and if you don't include this information then lab write up is only worth up to 75% of  the maximum points. Actually physically participating in labs is a very powerful and  important learning process, and although I understand that you may have a legitimate excuse for missing lab there is no way to replace the actual hands-on experience hence the required written make up component.

1) Label the top of the page: Make-up for Absence on Lab Day or Days (put the dates please).

2) A complete background of the subject matter covered in the lab (in your own words) with parenthetical citations (min 1/2 page) must be more detailed than regularly assigned background..

3) The hypothesis, null hypothesis, independent variable(s), dependent variables(s), standardized or controlled variables (list at least 5), the control setup

4) Very detailed procedure in list format.

5) Additional References used in background. Use APA format.