Make up for missing days and as an alternative to the Bad Fish reflection write-up:

Link to Case Study: badfish_clickerBio.ppt

Research on slide 7 (writing a summary of personal findings and references)

Watch crash course on nervous system (write a 2-3 sentence summary of what you learned)

Watch Action potential video and add another sentence or two to the crash course paragraph 

summarizing what was learned.

Answer questions in complete sentences from slides: 11, 12, 13, 18, 20, 21

Please include in reflection:

1.What was the question raised and problem identified in the case study?

2.What are the key concepts of biology that are covered in this case?

(Example: In the case study “Another Can of Red Bull”, the subject was the use of energy drinks as a source of additional energy for sports endurance. The case study and video provided information about energy and the ingredients in energy drinks. The actual question that was investigated became “What are the ingredients in energy drinks?” And “Do energy drinks actually provide energy?” The key concepts were cellular respiration and energy transformations.)

3. Suggest either (A) an additional investigation/experiment that should be done on this subject. Design a simple experiment that would provide data to help evaluate your suggested investigation/experiment.

(include the IV, DV, SV, and a control setup) OR (B) suggest several additional questions that should be researched to increase your knowledge of the subject. Choose one of your questions to answer in a paragraph and provide a reference to support your answer.

4. What scientific literature did you find? (B)How does you know that the information is valid (strength of evidence)? (your textbook is an acceptable source).References: What sites did you access? (numbered APA format please