Origin of Life:

Updating the Periodic Table

Exotic Amino Acids

Earth's Minerals & Life

Aging & Anti-oxidants


Origin of Eukaryotes

Viruses Non-living Question


Archaea Source of Oxygen before Photosynthesis

Algae Life Explosion 250 MYA

Early Hominin Inter-breeding

Early Humans

Dinosaur Love

Evolution of Creativity in Humans

Oranges under Attack

Nervous System & Behavior:

Brain Talk


Brain Integration

Mirror Neurons

Vision and Brain

Animals Mourn

Neurobiology & Criminology


Brain Development & Orphans

Immune System & Other Body Systems:

How Bacteria Highjack Immune System

Innate Immune

Harboring Others Cells

Prion-like Diseases

TB Returns

Olive Oil & Alzheimers

Cancer and CT scans

Bacteria and Bad Breath

Sepsis Feedback

Pox Viruses


Ecology & Climate:

Tree Rings and Climate (picture)

Climate & the Gulf Stream

Land Pathogens & Ocean Life

Human Impact on Fish & Coral

Cost of Fossil Fuels