Science Fair Project Parent Confirmation Letter

             The science fair project is a required component of the Accelerated Biology course. A detailed rubric of the components of the finished project can be found at Science Rubric.  The science fair project is the work of the student and his/her partners if applicable.  Parents may ENCOURAGE, type, proofread, lend support in terms of funding purchases, housing the project and transportation. Several types of projects must be performed at school  or at another laboratory facility under the direction of the teacher or mentor.  These projects may  include projects involving bacteria, DNA, RNA, hazardous chemicals or devices. Students are expected to keep up with their project assignments which are given on the assignment calendar.  Science Fair Assignments and announcements are indicated on the ACC Biology Assignment calendar with the following icon  .  Additionally, students are expected to make any necessary adjustments to their busy schedules to do the necessary research, experimentation and writing of the project.  In the case of team projects this is especially important so that one student does not do all of the work.  The science fair project components consist of:


1. Deciding upon a topic area. 

2. Defining the testable question and purpose for the topic area.  This question must be new research not yet done by another person or groups, but can be a "new" twist on an existing idea.

3. Determining if the project will require the help of an outside mentor, and obtaining an outside mentor if needed. *Mentors may be parents, friends or neighbors who hold a degree or certificate  in the area of research or a related field, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, lab technicians, lab researchers, professors, and other science teachers.

4. Doing a background/literature search enabling the student to become literate on their project and related projects; completing a research grid for the project topic/testable question (summer assignment).

5. Determining the hypothesis, null hypothesis, control, and other variables

6. Determining the procedure that will be followed

7. Completing the School Level science fair forms and obtaining the required approval/signatures (some projects will require the signature of an outside mentor)

OPTIONAL if participating in CCCSEF: Science Fair Forms (updated)

8. Completing the project, returning any borrowed equipment, paying any bills for materials and equipment.

9. Completing the written portion of the project and creating the project display board. *See the link for the science fair rubric: Science Rubric

10. REQUIRED:  Presenting the project after school in March, judging by science teachers, AP Biology Students, Former Accelerated Students, Science Alliance Officers. 

NOTE: Optional: presenting the project at the CCCSEF science fair date to be announced. 

11.  Writing thank you notes to people that offered help or supplies for the project.


PARENTS/GUARDIANS:  Please complete the following information indicating that you (parent/guardian) understand the project requirements and demands and have discussed science fair project with him/her (student).  If the project is a team project, please get together with the other parents/guardians and assist students in determining how to best schedule the meeting times of  team members.


Please return the bottom portion of this page:

Please return to Mrs. Groch by the end of the 2nd week of school in September.



Parent and Student Science Fair Confirmation: 



We have read the above information and understand the requirements for completing a science fair project.



Student Name (please print)  ____________________________________________


Parent Signature ____________________________________________


Student(s) complete the following:

Student Proposed Science Project Title:




I plan to work alone ___


I plan on working with the following student (maximum 2 students per group).  (Students: please staple your forms together).  Thank you. 





* Any questions or comments? Please email Mrs. Groch at .