Simon Says Activity: (pages 260-263)

  1. Elevate your mandible

  2. Depress your mandible

  3. Show opposition with your left thumb

  4. Retract your mandible

  5. Show inversion of your right foot

  6. Show pronation of your left radius

  7. Show protraction of your jaw

  8. Rotate your head left laterally

  9. Rotate your head medially

  10. Show supination of the right forearm

  11. Show circumduction of the left arm

  12. Show abduction of your right arm

  13. Show adduction of your right leg

  14. Show eversion of your your left foot

  15. Show flexion of your right foot

  16. Show an anterior extension of your right arm

  17. Show hyperextension of your back

  18. Show flexion of your head laterally

  19. Show plantar flexion of your right foot

  20. Show dorsiflexion of your right hand