Sowbugs, Pillbugs & Woodlice Inquiry Lab-investigation

Day 1:
1. Obtain 5 sowbugs
2. Place in the chamber provided.
3. Observe them (here are some questions to help you focus...record your observations in your journal.

What did you observe during exploration?

What is puzzling about your observations?

What questions are raised?

What is the central causal question?

What are some possible explanations (hypotheses)?

How might these explanations be tested?

What are the expected/predicted results of each explanation and planned test?

4. Can you name any specific actions or interactions?
5. Share out with class.
6. Your lab group needs to develop a "testable question" to do for the next class period.  (includes # of trials, measurable units, anecdotal observations, data tables, graphs)
7. You can ask the teacher if materials you need are available otherwise BYO stuff.

Day 2: Testing
Go for it... you have 1/2 the period.

1. Share out
2. What statistics should you use?  (Chi Square, Means, etc...)

Following your test, what are your observed results?

How do your observed and expected results compare?

If observed and expected results do not match, is the mismatch attributable to a faulty hypothesis, a faulty test, a faulty deduction, or some combination? Can you tell? Why or why not?

If observed and expected results match, what conclusion should you draw? Have your results eliminated the alternatives? If not, what additional tests are needed?

Can you be sure that the match or mismatch of observed and expected results is not attributable to chance? If not, what can you do to reduce the likelihood of drawing an incorrect conclusion?

  1. Write-up: (all typed except item (e)). Example of a Sowbug Inquiry Write-up
    a) Title (must include a DV and IV)
    b) Hypothesis (if...then...because...)
    c) Computer generated data table (title, units, formatted)   (how to do a data table in Word)
    d) Graph (title, axes and units, x-y scatter, equations) Excel 2007 instructions Excel 2010 Instructions
    e) Handwritten calculations (depends on your inquiry lab-investigation, means (averages), ratios, Chi-Square, etc).

    f) Conclusion: short findings paragraph "power conclusion", (sometimes if it doesn't load or says it doesn't exist, paste link into google search box) and
    g) citations use APA format (APA: