Unit 9- Circulatory, Lymphatic and Immune Systems

CH 18- The Heart

Heart Facts


Heart Anatomy- Know the Functions of each of these words/parts


Cardiac Muscle




Heart physiology


Heart disorders and Effects of Aging


CH 19- Blood vessels 

Overview of Blood vessel structure and function

Arterial system

Venous system

Physiology of circulation

Maintaining blood pressure

·         factors that make it vary (CO, V, R, venous return, hormonal and neural controls)

·         vasomotor center

·         circulatory shock


Major/Specific Blood Vessels

·         arteries- coronary arteries, pulmonary trunk and arteries, aorta (arch), descending thoracic aorta, descending abdominal aorta, brachiocephalic, R and L subclavian, R and L common carotid, R and L axillary, R and L brachial, R and L renal, Rand L Common iliac (human only!) R and L external iliac, R and L internal iliac, R and L femoral, R and L saphenous

·         veins- superior and inferior vena cava (pre and postcava), pulmonary veins, long thoracic vein, R and L brachiocephalic, R and L subclavian, R and L axillary, R and L (internal) jugular, R and L external jugular, R and L adrenolumbar, R and L renal, R and L Common iliac, R and L external iliac,  R and L internal iliac vein, R and L femoral, R and L great saphenous


CH 17- Blood

·         basic characteristics- ph, temp, color, density, viscosity, volume in human body, connective tissue

·         functions- distribution, regulation, protection

·         composition- plasma & formed elements

·         hemostasis- vascular spasm, platelet plug, coagulation

·         blood types


CH 20- Lymphatic System

·         Lymph

·         Lymphatic vessels

·         Lymphocytes

·         Lymph nodes

·         Spleen, thymus gland and tonsils


CH 21- Immune System

·         Disease

·         Pathogen

·         Vector

·         Leukocytes

·         Nonspecific Defense

·         Specific Defense

·         Acquired immunity

·         Allergies

·         Autoimmune disease

·         AIDS

·         Suppressing the immune system

·         ELISA assays