Host-Parasite Co-evolution (Viruses and Evolution)

Today’s Geneticists and today’s Molecular Biologists are standing on the shoulders of intellectual giants (the epicenter was Cold Spring Harbor) whose work remains forgotten because modern textbooks cannot dumb-down their intellectual tours des forces! Intergenic Recombination, Genetic Complementation, Intragenic Recombination and Gene Regulation were all figured out FIRST in VIRUS systems leading ultimately to the resolution of gene control by Jacob and Monod of lac-operon fame and eventually gene regulation in Eukaryotes. That would be because viruses have co-opted host regulatory machinery and vice versa. That constitutes the acme in molecular host-parasite coevolution. (Tom Mueller)

Here are 4 articles for you to read in your groups and discuss and come up with questions to answer and share out with the class. As with all CER activities you need to find the question, the evidence, and make claims with support, and provide some rebuttals. Your group needs to upload to the blog at least 2 questions with supporting evidence and 1 rebuttal per group.

Here are the links to the 4 articles:

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