Accelerated Biology Policy Signature Sheet.

Please return to Mrs. Groch ASAP

Dear Parents or Guardians: 

You can find the main web page by going to : http://www.grochbiology.orgindex.htm

Please click on your student's class 'Accelerated Biology'. There you will find the course policy, syllabus, homework calendar with tutorial links and study tips.  This year grades are available through School Loop at .

The Science Department at SRVHS is committed to providing students with the best science education available. We would like to thank you for your continued and generous support at registration. It is truly and warmly appreciated. Without your donations, our laboratory science program would not be as strong. If you have any questions or items you would like to donate, You can reach me at

The fastest way to reach me is by email . To reach my voice mail by telephone, please call 925-552-3728.  

Thank you very much,

Mrs. Groch

Signature Sheet information on the Back of this Sheet.

Please keep this sheet for web links to class homework and grade access. The Signature Sheet is located online on the front page of the class website or here is a direct link.

Please paste this information into an EMAIL and send to Mrs. Groch ( ASAP for credit.

 If you do not have access to a computer please return this paper copy.

I have read the class policy, class syllabus, and academic responsibility policy for Mrs. Groch’s  Accelerated Biology .

Please print clearly.

Class Period _____        Date __________________

Parent Email Address: ___________________________

Parent Name: ______________________Parent Signature___________________________ (type in your initials if emailed)

(if emailed your initials will serve as an electronic signature)

By signing below I also affirm that I have seen the Academic Integrity PPT, taken the Academic Integrity Quiz and will abide by those policies:

Student Name _____________________Student Email Address: ___________________________

Student Signature (please type initials) ______________________________ 

At this time I have the following questions/comments (please include any special needs or allergies to latex or other materials found in science lab rooms):