Osmosis Diffusion Rubric  32 points

 ( Old AP Lab 1; Osmosis & Diffusion)  Includes: title, abstract, background (must cite references), results (data tables- class data, graphs-try and combine into one graph,  statistics, isotonic molarity of sucrose), brief conclusion, references ) Note: if you were absent on lab day please include typed on a separate piece or pieces of paper the required information

Avoid all pronouns, unless the pronouns are used properly (directly following the noun YOU intend)... 

Please do not start a sentence with a pronoun or end a sentence with a preposition. Thank you.

Point Value

Item  (sections headings must be included... except title of lab)


1) Title: descriptive (IV/DV present)


2) Abstract: Can’t exceed 250 words

a. background information (membranes, water potential)

b. procedure description – not specific very general information

c. Results – must include at least one statistic from each type of veggie (water potential: molarity of sucrose of veggie interior includes units, bars); surface area:volume ratios

d. conclusion – relates to results (includes Ψ water potential and correlation  R2)


Background (cite references) includes a discussion of membranes, water potential, 2nd law of thermodynamics


4) Results: (includes all potatoes)

a. data table of different veggies (can be more than one) – Titles, descriptive units, no vertical lines, not confusing,  can be either group or summary class); horizontal lines only between different data sets or column headings. Data table of your dialysis tubing findings.


b. graphs – must  x-y scatter used, must show trend line and equation, y = mx +b, titles descriptive, axes labeled with units... Equations need to be labeled also (click on equation and then enter label in front of equation in text box).


c. Trend paragraph – must include info that describes what is in data tables and graphs. Include statistics for molarity of interior of veggies Ψ and relationship (consider providing a number line) (don't forget units for psi- bars).  


handwritten calculations of Psi equation


5) Conclusion/Discussion: Explanation of results – must relate background info and results; includes parenthetical citations, statistics (molarity), dialysis tubing findings from demo,  includes significance of results, support or rejection of either hypothesis or null hypothesis, discuss relationship between veggies (regular potatoes,sweet potato and other veggies) molarity; any errors, etc 

Power Conclusion https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1L3bwXf5AYMMPSzjdauLLx45haI06295I1000plllG8E


6) References – use primary sources (Wikipedia is a secondary source and can only be used as a 3rd or higher reference).  Wikipedia references found at the bottom of the topic pages are usually a good place to find reliable source materials. References APA www.bibme.org

APA Format example:

Author Last Name or Author Unknown. (2008). "The Enzyme's Burden." Enzyme Institute of Catalysis. Accessed September 24, 2008. URL:<whatever.com>