Biology Students and parents,

Read the policy carefully. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail ( , or call me 552-3728 and leave a voice mail. The academic success of the student is of the utmost importance. Any problems or concerns require urgent attention. Please read and return the bottom portion of sheet posted online Course Policy signature sheet  with the student. In addition, please read the Academic information and kindly sign the acknowledgement on the sheet provided and returns it to class tomorrow.

Academic dishonesty:

Defined as cheating of any kind, including misrepresenting one's own work, taking credit for the work of others without crediting them and without appropriate authorization, and the fabrication of information.

Common examples of academically dishonest behavior include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Cheating - intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials to improve one's grade (for example, from another student, off the internet); copying from another student's work; submitting same work for an assignment in more than one class without prior permission of both instructors; representing material prepared by another as one's own work; inappropriate test taking conduct; violating rules of academic conduct relating to this course.

2. Fabrication - intentional and unauthorized falsification or invention of any data, information, or citation in an academic exercise.

3. Plagiarism - intentionally representing the words, ideas, or sequences of ideas of another, as one's own in any academic exercise; failure to attribute any of the following: quotations, paraphrases, or borrowed information from another student, internet, etc.

4. Falsification and forgery - knowingly making a false statement, concealing material information or forging another's signature. 

5. Facilitating academic dishonesty - intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another  student to commit an act of academic dishonesty.

6. Use of cellular phones (photos, text messaging, etc) during exams- the use of any electronic device such as (but not limited to) a cellular phone, flash memory devise, etc  for any reason without the express permission of the teacher will result in a zero on that test.


Any of the infractions mentioned in this section will result in a discipline notice to the appropriate assistant principal. This information will be entered on the student's discipline screen. Student may be dropped from a course with an "F" on the second academic dishonesty violation which takes place in any class during the school year.

All rules and policies in the San Ramon Valley High School Student Handbook will apply if not addressed in this class policy.

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