Biotechnology Test Study Guide

Review any reading and the Crime Scene lab materials

1. What is the underlying premise of DNA fingerprinting?

2. What is the purpose of gene therapy? How would you know if gene therapy was successful?

3.  What is the purpose of selective breeding?

4. What is the biological term for cross-breeding two organisms of closely related species?

5. The ultimate source of genetic variability is ____________.

6. Why does polyploidy instantly create a new species?

7. What is the function of gel electrophoresis?

8. Define genetic engineering.

9. How does gel electrophoresis allow researchers to analyze DNA?

10. What are the major features of a gel?

11. How can a DNA fingerprint show "who did it"?

12. What will a restriction enzyme do to a piece of DNA containing the correct palindrome? (you will need to be able to identify a restriction site and determine the number of fragments and the length of fragments in basepairs).