Chapter 16 and Hominid Reading Quiz  Study Guide                   



Chapter 16 and 833-841 Open Journal Reading Quiz : Study Guide                             

Answer the following questions, remember to explain and expand your answers.

  1. Explain how mutations are a source of genetic variation? (2 points)



  1. Natural selection on single-gene traits can lead to changes in allele frequencies and thus to ____________. (1 point)


  1. Name the three different ways polygenic traits can affect the distribution of phenotypes? (3 points)





  1. Name two of the conditions that have to be met for the Hardy-Weinberg principle. (2 points)



  1. Name two mechanisms of speciation; make sure you explain how that mechanism can lead to speciation. (4 points)





  1. Name two characteristics of the basic primate. (2 points)



  1. What characteristics would enable you to tell the difference between an ape jaw and a jaw from a later hominid like Homo sapiens? (2 points)



  1. If you were looking at a two full skeletons name three differences that would help you tell the differences between a Hominid like you and a modern chimpanzee. (2 points)





  1. Explain why this statement isn’t accurate “you are descended from monkeys”. (2 points)