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Updated 9/7/14

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1st Semester HW Calendar 2014-2015

2nd Semester HW Calendar 2015 (under construction)

Biology Opportunities for Success in a Nutshell Taking Better Notes

Podcasts of lecture topics (from Bozeman Biology) and other links (linked to textbook chapters) great for review Crash Course Videos Models/Simulations/Games Reading Articles

Addditional Links, Tutorials, & Animations (incl. YouTube Videos) to Topics covered in biology

Course Policy 

Course Policy signature sheet  due for credit by the Friday of the first week of school and also the & Academic Integrity Signature Sheet   

Academic Responsibility Information (UPDATED)

Academic Integrity PPT

& Academic Integrity Quiz

Dragonfly Textbook Link (Miller/Levine)

On Line Biology Text Book

Review Information

Fall Semester Final Review Guide and student review

2nd Semester Cumulative Review Guide

2nd Semester Cornell Notes Summary

General Class Information

For Parents: Upcoming Curriculum Changes & Challenges: NGSS (next generation science standards & Common Core), Flipped Classrooms (use of video pod-casts); Inquiry-based Learning; CER (Claims-Evidence-Reasoning) NGSS/Common Core Standards (adoption 9/4/2013) (Life Science NGSS standards)

Argument Driven Inquiry-based Lab-investigations

PLC Annotated Know and Do List for Biology (Syllabus) and Pacing Guide

Course Syllabus (district)

Chi-Square Distribution Chart

Pronouns to Avoid

Excel Graphing Help Excel instructions

Google Sheets (Graphing in Google Docs)

Excel Bar Graph Instructions


Archived Calendars:

1st Semester Calendar 2013-2014

2nd Semester Homework Calendar 2014


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