Genetics Unit Study Guide

Review Reading assignments for Chapter 11 and 14

Review all lab activities

Use practice problems (Practice Problems galore)

1. How are the principles of probability useful in the study of genetics?

2. What are Mendel's principles? What processes during meiosis support Mendel's principles?

3. How many different gametes can be formed from a heterozygote for one trait? for two traits?

4.What are the different modes of inheritance for dominance?

5. What is an example of a multiple gene (allele) trait?

6. What is the relationship between the diploid and haploid number of alleles?

7. How (and when) are gametes formed?

8. What are linked genes?

9. How many chromosomes are found in humans during a karotype?

10. What is the genotype of a male? a female human?

11. What is the probability that a couple will have a son?

12. What are the symbols used in a pedigree for a) male, b) female, c) marriage, d) offspring, e) someone with a trait? Know how to read a pedigree.

13. What is wrong with the hemoglobin of a person with sickle-cell disease?

14. What type of pattern of inheritance does an X-linked disorder show?

15. What is a Barr body? What does it mean when you don't have a Barr body?

16. What causes Down Syndrome and Turner's Syndrome?

17. How can you tell a disorder is a) autosomal dominant, b) autosomal recessive, c) X-linked recessive, or d) X-linked dominant?

18. If you did a blood test for ABO-Rh, how could you tell the blood type of the person?

19. Which blood types are the universal donors? the universal recipients?

20. What are the genotypes for a) AB+ b) AB-, c) B+, d) B-, e) A+, f) A-, g) O+ and h) O-?

21. Know how to do monohybrid, dihybrid, incomplete dominance, co-dominance and X-linked genetics word problems.