Chromosome Mapping

The following data were collected from repeated matings of fruit flies (D. melanogaster). The data record the frequency, to 0.1 percent, of the recombinant characteristics for seven genes located on the same side of the centromere on chromosome 3. The veinlet gene is located is located one mapping unit from the centromere and acts as an effective base point for comparison.

Construct a scaled chromosome map for chromosome 3 of D. melanogaster, using a scale of 1 mapping unit = 1 mm (or 2 mm). Show the locations of the eight genes including the veinlet gene.
Scarlet eyes Cardinal eyes Javelin bristles Stripe body Minute bristles Hairy body Hairless bristles
Scarlet eyes     24.8 18.0      
Cardinal eyes       12.7 31.5    
Javelin bristles           7.3 50.3
Stripe body           35.5  
Minute bristles             36.7
Veinlet veins   74.6       26.4  
Hairy body             43.0 (Trevor Gallant)