Write up for pGlo extension Laboratory Activity: (40 points) (see General Rubric Grading Guidelines at AdaptedGeneric_Lab_Rubric2013.htm)

  1. Title (4 points)

  2. Description of procedure (paragraph format), include reasoning and ideas behind the choices your group made and any changes or alterations in procedures necessary during the experiment. (4 points)

  3. Background information on gene regulation in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Specific description of type of gene control used in this experiment (arabinose operon). (8 points) don't forget end of sentence citations.

  4. Results: a) choose the best way to represent the data your group collected. If you choose to use any pictures make sure you include captions with clear descriptions and labels. b) observation paragraph, what did you see, etc. (8 points)

  5. Conclusion/Discussion: Several paragraphs explaining your group findings and any confounding factors. Explain and support your finding with information from your textbook or other reputable sources (e.g. edu, gov, org, etc). If your experiment did not work out the way you expected, please discuss any confounding factors and other facts that support the actual outcome of the experiment. Make sure you relate your results to gene expression and Big Ideas 3 & 4 (Information exchange and interactions yield complex properties), you also might check out the learning objectives). Reminder: Wikipedia is only a secondary source and good for finding other reputable sources. Include citations at the end of any sentences containing information you used. You can use the power conclusion to help you shape your discussion) (8 points)

  6. References: min. 2, includes laboratory activities. (4 points)

  7. Mechanics and Grammar (4 points)