pGlo Formal Lab Rubric  (37 points) (Link to general qualities I'm looking for in your lab)

Typed (except hand drawn petri dishes; you can use the results sheet done in class) (link to pGlo Results sheet (see 2a).

  1. Title (descriptive contains IV and DV information) (1 point)

  2. Purpose : In a complete sentence please describe the purpose of this laboratory investigation. (1 point) (example sentence...”The purpose of this activity is to show....”)

  3. Hypothesis: (If...(independent variable), then (dependent variable), because (inference, best guess why). (3 points)

  4. Procedure: in a paragraph please describe the basic procedure in very general terms. (Summarizes steps using correct format, includes any necessary data tables or space for pictures (microscope drawings, etc) 3 points

5. Results:

 a.  Completed information and hand drawn Petri dishes with color pGlo Results sheet  (8 points)

b. Describe what you observed in a paragraph. (4 points)

6. Conclusion: Answers all questions correctly and in complete sentences using proper grammar, not using pronouns without antecedents. Avoids 1st person language. Includes power conclusion paragraph. Please include answers to the following prompts for section 4 of the power conclusion. (10 points)

a. Why was ampicillin added to the agar?

b. Why was arabinose added to the agar?

c.  Why was the plasmid added to the original test tube containing E. coli?

d.  Why was it necessary for the agar to contain both ampicillin and arabinose for you to see the GFP (green fluorescent protein)?

e.  Explain how a prokaryote operon works (use an example) and how the arabinose operon in the pGlo plasmid tricks E. coli into making GFP? (helpful link)

  1. Pick ONE of the recombinant DNA products listed here on Wikipedia (insulin, HGH, factor VIII, vaccines, HIV diagnostic test, herbicide resistant crops, etc). Find at least 2 additional references and discuss in no more than ½ a page the pros and cons of using these products (are they dangerous, are they helpful, etc).   (5 points) Recommended research site: go to the school web page, under resources select Library and media center ( , select Student Resources in Context (you were given the password in class or in the library during training). Use this site for qualified information.

  2. References (2 min) must use proper format (Remember that info on how to format APA references can be found at (2 points)

Extra Credit: Lesson 4 (starts on page 16 of the full online lab... show all calculations and answer questions (skip group efficiency question on page 20... 5 points) (you can find these pages on the pGLO