Prefixes and Suffixes (from )

a- G, not, without
ab L, away from
ad- L, next to, at, toward
alb- white
algesi- sensitivity to pain
-algia pain
allo- G, allos - other
amphi- G, amphis - double
amylum L, starch
ana- G, upon, upward
ante L, before
anter- L, front
anti- G, opposite, against
apis L, bee
apo- G, away from
arch- G, archein - to begin
asinus L, ass (couldn't resist including this one)
athero- yellow
auto- G, autos - self, same
bi- L, two
bio G, bios - life
calor L, heat
carcin- cancer
cardiac G, kardia - heart
caryo- G, karyon - kernel
cata- G, down from
catabolism G, katabole - a throwing down
catalyst, G, luein - to loosen, to untie
cephalo- G, kephale - head
-centesis surgical puncture
centi- L, centum - hundred
centri- L centrum - center
cerebr- L, cerebrum - brain
chorde G, string
chlor- green
-cidal killing
circum L, around
com- L, cum - with, together (in English, has often become co-)
contra- against
corpus L, body
cortex L, outer rind, bark
crin-/-crine secrete
cyto-/-cyte G kytos - container
dec- L, decem - ten
demos G, population
derma G, skin
di- G, two
distal L, distare - to stand apart
dorsal L, dorsum - back
duo- L, two
dura- L, durus - hard
dys- bad, difficult
ecosystem G, oikos - habitation
ecto- G, ektos - outside, external
-ectomy removal
-edema swelling
endo- G, endon - inside
endocrine G, krinein - to separate
enzyme G, zyme - to leaven
epi- G, on, upon, outer
ergon G, work
erythro- G, erythros - red
eu- G, eus - good
evolution L, evolutio - unrolling
ex-, exo- L out of, outside
gastr- stomach
-gen G, genos - birth, race
genesis G, source
ger- old
glyc- G, glykys - sugar
gram-to record
-gram a record
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
hem-/-emia G, haima - blood
hemi- half
hist- tissue
holo- G, holos - whole

homo-/homeo- G, homoios - alike, similar
hydr- G, hydor - water
-ia/-iasis condition
-iatrics/-iatry medicine
infra- L, below
in situ L, in place
inter- L, between
intra- L, within
in vitro L, in glass
in vivo L, in the living
iso- G, equal
-itis inflammation
kary- nucleus G, karyon - kernel
-lepsy seizure
leuko- G, leukos - white
lip- G, lipos - fat
-logist G, logos - word, study - one who studies
-logy study or science
lysis G, loosing
macro- G, makros - large
mal- bad
mega- G, megas - great, large
melon black
-mere G, meros, part
meso- G, mesos - middle
meta- G, after, later
metabole G, change
micro- G, mikros - small
microbe G, bios - life
mono- G, monos - one
-morphe, morpho- G, form, shape
myo- G, mys - mouse, muscle
nano- L nanus - dwarf
nema- G thread
neo- new
nephro- G, nephros - kidney
oct- L, octo - eight
olig few
-oma tumor
omni- L, omnis - all
onc- tumor
oo- G, oion, egg
-osis condition, disease, increase
osteo- G, osteos - bone
ov- L, ovum - egg
pan G, all
para- G, near, beside
path/-pathy G, pathos, suffering, disease
pent- L, pente - five
per- L, per - through
peri G, round, surrounding
phagein G, to eat
photo- G, phos - light
-plasty surgical repair
-pod. pod- G, podion - little foot
poly- G, polys - many
post L, after
pre- G, before
pro- L, before
proxi- L, proximus - nearest
pseudo- L false
quat- L, quatuor - four
re L, back, again
renes L, kidneys
sept- L, septum - seven
sex- L, six
soma G, body
sub- L, below, under
super L, above
syn- joined together
tarsal G, ankle
tele- G, far off, at a distance
-tome G, tomos - slice
topos G, place
tot-, toti- L, totus - whole
trans L, across
tri- G, three
trophe G, food
un- L, unus - one

2nd List from  Pam Shaw (



a-; an-                     not; without; lacking; deficient

ab-                          away from; out from

-able                       capable of

ac-                          to; toward

-aceous                   of or pertaining to

acou-; acous-         hear

ad-                          to; toward

aden-                      gland

adip-                       fat

aero-                       air

agri-                        field; soil

-al                           having the character of

alb-                         white

alg-; -algia              pain

alto-                        high

ambi-                      both

ameb-                     change; alternation

amni-                      fetal membrane

amphi-; ampho-      both

amyl-                      starch

ana-                        up; back; again

andro-                    man; masculine

anemo-                   wind

ang-                        choke; feel pain

angi-                       blood vessel; duct

ante-                       before; ahead of time

anter-                     front

antho-                     flower

anti-                        against; opposite

anthropo-               man; human

-ap-; -aph-             touch

apo-; ap-                 away from

aqu-                        water

archaeo-                 primitive; ancient

-ary; -arium           denotes a place for       something

arteri-                    artery

arthr-                     joint; articulation

-ase                         forms names of enzymes

aster-; astr-           star

-ate                         verb form - the act of...

ather-                     fatty deposit

-ation                      noun form - the act of...

atmo-                      vapor

audi-                       hear

aur-                         ear

auto-                       self

bacter-; bactr-     bacterium; stick; club

barb-                      beard

baro-                      weight

bath-                      depth; height

bene-                      well; good

bi- (Latin)               two; twice

bi-; bio- (Greek)    life; living

-blast-                    sprout; germ; bud

brachi-                   arm

brachy-                  short

brady-                    slow

branchi-                 fin

brev-                       short

bronch-                  windpipe

cac-                        bad

calor-                      heat

capill-                     hair

capit-                      head

carcin-                    cancer

cardi-                     heart

carn-                       meat; flesh

carp-                       fruit

carpal-                    wrist

cata-                       breakdown; downward

caud-                      tail

-cell-                       chamber; small room

cen-; -cene             now; recent

cente-                     pierce

centi-                      hundredth

centr-                     center

cephal-                   head

cerat-                     horn

cerebr-                   brain

cervic-                    neck

chel-                       claw

chem-                     dealing with chemicals

chir-                        hand

chlor-                      green

chondr-                  cartilage

chrom-; -chrome   color

chron-                     time

-chym-                    juice

-cid-; -cis-             cut; kill; fall

circa-; circum-      around; about

cirru-                      hairlike curls

co-                          with; together

cocc-                      seed; berry

coel-                       hollow

coll-                        glue

coni-                       cone

contra-                   against

corp-                       body

cort-; cortic-         outer layer

cosmo-                    world; order; form

cotyl-                      cup

counter-                 against

crani-                      skull

cresc-; cret-          begin to grow

crypt-                     hidden; covered

-cul-; -cule             small; diminutive

cumul-                    heaped

cuti-                        skin

cyan-                      blue

-cycle; cycl-           ring; circle

-cyst-                     sac; pouch; bladder

cyt-; -cyte             cell; hollow container

dactyl-                   finger

de-                          away from; down

deca-                      ten

deci-                       tenth

deliquesc-                              become fluid

demi-                      half

dendr-                    tree

dent-                      tooth

derm-                     skin

di-; dipl- (Latin)     two; double

di-; dia- (Greek)    through; across; apart

dia- (Latin)             day

digit-                      finger; toe

din-                         terrible

dis-                         apart; out

dorm-                     sleep

dors-                       back

du-; duo-                                two

-duct                      lead

dynam-                   power

dys-                        bad; abnormal; difficult

ec-                          out of; away from

echin-                     spiny; prickly

eco-                        house

ecto-                       outside of

-elle                        small

-emia                      blood

en-; endo-; ent-     in; into; within

-en                          made of

encephal-                               brain

enter-                     intestine; gut

entom-                    insects

-eous                       nature of; like

epi-                         upon; above; over

-err-                       wander; go astray

erythro-                 red

-escent                   becoming

eso-                         inward; within; inner

eu-                          well; good; true; normal

eury-                       widen

ex-                          out of; away from

extra-                     beyond; outside

-fer-                       bear; carry; produce

ferro-                     iron

fibr-                       fiber; thread

-fid; fiss-               split; divided into

-flect; -flex           bend

flor-                        flower

flu-; fluct-; flux    flow

foli-                        leaf

fract-                     break

-gam-                      marriage

gastr-                     stomach

geo-                        land; earth

-gen; -gine              producer; former

-gene-                     origin; birth

-gest-                     carry; produce; bear

-glen-                      eyeball

-glob-                     ball; round

gloss-                      tongue

gluc-; glyc-             sweet; sugar

glut-                        buttock

gnath-                     jaw

-gon                        angle; corner

-grad-                     step

-gram; graph          record; writing

grav-                       heavy

-gross-                    thick

gymno-                   naked; bare

gyn-                        female

gyr-                         ring; circle; spiral

-hal-; -hale             breathe; breath

halo-                       salt

hapl-                       simple

hecto-                     hundred

-helminth-              worm

hem-                       blood

hemi-                      half

hepar-; hepat-       liver

herb-                      grass; plants

hetero-                   different; other

hex-                        six

hibern-                   winter

hidr-                       sweat

hipp-                       horse

hist-                        tissue

holo-                       entire; whole

homo- (Latin)         man; human

homo- (Greek)       same; alike

hort-                       garden

hydr-                      water

hygr-                       moist; wet

hyper-                     above; beyond; over

hyph-                      weaving; web

hypno-                    sleep

hypo-                      below; under; less

hyster-                   womb; uterus

-iac                         person afflicted with disease

-iasis                       disease; abnormal condition

-ic                           (adjective former)

ichthy-                    fish

ign-                         fire

in-; il-; im-; ir-        not

in-; il-; im-; ir-        to; toward; into

in-                           very; thoroughly

-ine                         of or pertaining to

infra-                      below; beneath

inter-                      between

intra-                      within; inside

-ism                         a state or condition

iso-                          equal; same

-ist                          person who deals with...

-itis                         inflammation; disease

-ium                        refers to a part of the body

-kary-                     cell nucleus

kel-                         tumor; swelling

kerat-                     horn

kilo-                        thousand

kine-                       move

lachry-                    tear

lact-                        milk

lat-                          side

leio-                        smooth

-less                        without

leuc-; leuk-             white; bright; light

lign-                        wood

lin-                          line

lingu-                      tongue

lip-                          fat

lith-; -lite               stone; petrifying

loc-                         place

-log-                        word; speech

-logist                     one who studies...

-logy                       study of...

lumin-                     light

-lys-; -lyt-; -lyst    decompose; split; dissolve

macr-                      large

malac-                    soft

malle-                     hammer

mamm-                   breast

marg-                      border; edge

mast-                      breast

med-                       middle

meg-                       million; great

mela-; melan-         black; dark

-mer                        part

mes-                        middle; half; intermediate

met-; meta-           between; along; after

-meter; -metry      measurement

micro-                     small; millionth

milli-                       thousandth

mis-                         wrong; incorrect

mito-                       thread

mole-                      mass

mono-                     one; single

mort-                      death

-mot-                      move

morph-                    shape; form

multi-                      many

mut-                        change

my-                         muscle

myc-                       fungus

mycel-                    threadlike

myria-                     many

moll-                       soft

nas-                         nose

necr-                       corpse; dead

nemat-                    thread

neo-                        new; recent

nephro-                   kidney

-ner-                       moist; liquid

neur-                       nerve

noct-; nox-             night

-node                      knot

-nom-; -nomy         ordered knowledge; law

non-                        not

not-                         back

nuc-                        center

ob-                          against

ocul-                       eye

oct-                         eight

odont-                    tooth

-oid                         form; appearance

olf-                         smell

oligo-                      few; little

-oma                       abnormal condition; tumor

omni-                      all

onc-                        mass; tumor

oo-                          egg

opthalm-                 eye

opt-                         eye

orb-                        circle; round; ring

-orium; -ory           place for something

ornith-                    bird

orth-                       straight; correct; right

oscu-                       mouth

-osis                        abnormal condition

oste-                       bone

oto-                         ear

-ous                         full of

ov-                           egg

oxy-                        sharp; acid; oxygen

pachy-                    thick

paleo-                     old; ancient

palm-                      broad; flat

pan-                        all

par-; para-             beside; near; equal

path-; -pathy         disease; suffering

-ped-                      foot

-ped-                      child

pent-                       five

per-                         through

peri-                        around

permea-                  pass; go

phag-                      eat

pheno-                    show

-phil-                       loving; fond of

phon-; -phone         sound

-phore; pher-         bear; carry

photo-                     light

phren-                     mind; diaphragm

phyc-                      seaweed; algae

phyl-                       related group

-phyll                      leaf

physi-                      nature; natural qualities

phyt-; -phyte         plant

pino-                       drink

pinni-                      feather

plan-                       roaming; wandering

plasm-; -plast-       form; formed into

platy-                      flat

pleur-                      lung; rib; side

pneumo-                 lungs; air

-pod                        foot

poly-                       many; several

por-                         opening

port-                       carry

post-                       after; behind

pom-                       fruit

pre-                         before; ahead of time

prim-                       first

pro-                         forward; favoring; before

proto-                     first; primary

pseudo-                  false; deceptive

psych-                     mind

pter-                       having wings or fins

pulmo-                    lung

puls-                        drive; push

pyr-                         heat; fire

quadr-                    four

quin-                       five

radi-                       ray

re-                           again; back

rect-                       right; correct

ren-                         kidney

ret-                         net; made like a net

rhag-; -rrhage        burst forth

rhe-; -rrhea            flow

rhin-                        nose

rhiz-                        root

rhodo-                    rose

roto-                       wheel

rubr-                       red

sacchar-                 sugar

sapr-                       rotten

sarc-                       flesh

saur-                       lizard

schis-; schiz-          split; divide

sci-                          know

scler-                      hard

-scop-                     look; device for seeing

-scribe; -script      write

semi-                       half; partly

sept-                       partition; seven

-septic                    infection; putrefaction

sess-                       sit

sex-                        six

-sis                          condition; state

sol-                          sun

solv-                        loosen; free

som-; somat-; -some  body

somn-                      sleep

son-                         sound

spec-; spic-            look at

-sperm-                  seed

-spher-                   ball; round

spir-; -spire            breathe

-spor-                     seed

stat-; -stasis          standing; placed; staying

stell-                       stars

sten-                       narrow

stern-                     chest; breast

stom-; -stome        mouth

strat-                      layer

stereo-                   solid; 3-dimensional

strict-                     drawn tight

styl-                        pillar

sub-                        under; below

super-; sur-            over; above; on top

sym-; syn-              together

tachy-                     quick; swift

tarso-                     ankle

tax-                        arrange; put in order

tele-                        far off; distant

telo-                        end

terr-                       earth; land

tetr-                       four

thall-                       young shoot

-the-; -thes-          put

-thel-                      cover a surface

-therm-                  heat

-tom-                      cut; slice

toxico-                   poison

top-                         place

trache-                   windpipe

trans-                     across

tri-                          three

trich-                      hair

-trop-                     turn; change

-troph-                   nourishment; one who feeds

turb-                       whirl

-ul-; -ule                 diminutive; small

ultra-                      beyond

uni-                         one

ur-                           urine

-ura                         tail

vas-                         vessel

vect-                       carry

ven-; vent-              come

ventr-                     belly; underside

-verge                     turn; slant

vig-                          strong

vit-; viv-                  life

volv-                        roll; wander

-vor-                       devour; eat

xanth-                    yellow

xero-                      dry

xyl-                         wood

zo-; -zoa                 animal

zyg-                        joined together

zym-                       yeast