PV92 Rubric: (35 points)

Lab Assignment: (general qualities I'm looking for in your lab)

Title (1 point)

  1. Describe the purpose of this activity. (3 points)

  2. Large paragraph of results (5 points)

  3. Up to a page of conclusions (10 points) (relate results to Allele Server ( use http://www.geneticorigins.org/pv92/aluframeset.htm Exercises 1 thru 4 to help shape summary) include background information on retrotransposons, Alu, evolutionary consequences, etc. don't forget citations) in your conclusion.

  4. Include calculations for size of a band with an Alu insert (elephant) and a band without the Alu insert (rabbit), you can use a graph and show the size on the Y axis also by solving for y from the equation of the trendline). (The control MMR (molecular mass ruler) bands in lane 1 from the well down the gel, 1000 bp (basepairs), 700 bp, 500 bp, 200 bp, and 100 bp. Calculate the percent error for the sizes of the +/+ and -/- band (941 bp given for +/+ and 641 bp for -/-) (5 points)

  5. picture (must also be labeled) or labeled drawing of gel (labeled lanes, base pair sizes of bands) Don't forget the title (5 points) (you can use a photo of your actual gel but the picture must be good quality and the bands must be visible otherwise just draw an accurate (to scale) version of the gel).

  6. do a Chi Square comparing the US values to the class values. (Note: you do not have to use the contingency table version of Chi Square that you used in http://www.grochbiology.org/Investigation7A-Mitosis.pdf , http://math.hws.edu/javamath/ryan/ChiSquare.html use the goodness of fit instructions for one sample set further down the page). You will need to compare the frequency of p (USA to the class) and q (USA to the class); state whether or not there is a significant difference (for a particular degree of freedom) between the USA sample and the class. (values for the class will be provided in class). (5 points)

(Genotypic Frequencies for Alu in a USA Sample

Genotype Category

Number (N)


Homozygous (+/+)



Heterozygous (+/-)



Homozygous (-/-)







  1. minimum 2 references APA format (2 points)


 absent on lab day  (additional write-up requirements)