Rubric for Got Protein:  (23 points)

Title,   Standard Curve Graph, Calculations including % error,  Summary/ Conclusion; References (2 min).

Title: must be descriptive and include the IV and DV of your lab experiment. (1 point)


Using class averages (if available) generate a Standard Curve for BSA (includes descriptive title, labeled axis, trendline and equation (y=mx+b).  (4 points)

Calculations:  (please do hand calculations, very difficult to type)

a) Given (expected); example the information on the side of the 2% milk carton reads 10g/240 mL; convert to micrograms/microliter. Soy milk (7g/ 240 mL), Rice milk (1g/240mL) (2 points)

b) Using the absorbance of your 3 unknown milk dilutions (0.1, 0.01, and 0.001)... solve for "x" using the equation from the BSA standard curve. Remember your values will be in micrograms/microliter... multiply each calculation by either 10 (for the 0.1 dilution); 100 (for the 0.01 dilution), 1000 (for the .001) to get the actual value of your unknowns (6 points)

c) Using the given protein content (from the milk carton) calculate the % error between your observed values vs. the expected results (milk carton) for each dilution.  (3 points)

The formula for % error is

(Observed Expected / Expected) x 100

Include % error for the two other milks... (use the 0.01 dilution, your choice of table data).

Summary/ Conclusion  (5 points)

Discuss the purpose and results of the experiment, the use of a spectrophotometer to determine a standard curve to find an unknown concentration of a substance. Discuss how you were able to determine the accuracy of your samples versus the information on the side of the milk cartons. Discuss the possible places where errors could occur during the set-up and execution of the measurement of absorbance (think about the spectrophotometers, setting up the cuvettes, etc.). Don't forget to include the use of a blank. Do not forget to include citations after sentences for information you used from other sources. Avoid pronouns.

References: (2 points)

Use correct format APA ( or Son of citation