Science Fair comments to next year’s class:

  1. I should have done a better project that the scientific world actually cares about.
  2. Our project should have been a little more scientific than just testing nutrition facts, possibly make our project more helpful to society.
  3. We should have made a scatter plot as opposed t o the graphs. Also a Chi Square calculation every day as opposed to the 16 day averages.  We gathered much data for increased reliability.
  4. We should have gathered our data more efficiently.
  5. I should have spent more time rehearsing my speech (for the judging). I did not expect to have to explain my project umpteen times.
  6. I should have done more work on the project (part of a team). The other member did 60% of the work. I also should have spent a bit more time refining some parts, and practicing what to tell the judges. Graphs also needed some work.
  7. I should have done the experiment for a longer amount of time to see if there was a difference between the stomata over time.
  8. There are a lot of things that I should have done. I should have chosen a more interesting topic. I should have procrastinated less. I should have done more work on it (the project). I should have worked harder on the poster and I should have turned it (project parts) in earlier so I could have had it to edit more.
  9. I should have had a better poster. I should have taken more pictures.
  10. We should have measured the pollutants in the creek.
  11. The project contained variables that were unaccounted for. One (variable) was how water hyacinth plants were not as similar as hoped for. Next (variable) was the plants’ source of water, could have been pre-contaminated.
  12. We should have had more spiders (sample size too small) for the experiment. I think I smiled a bit too much (for the judges). Our cheeks hurt a lot after the “interrogation” (judging). I don’t think our project was very memorable.
  13. I saw some very cool projects at the fair and some that were very original. I have a good idea for what I’d like to do next year.
  14. I think next time we should start the project earlier to let us adapt to problems in the experiment. We also should have more thoroughly measured the results (data?) with complicated and precise methods. We also should have triple checked everything before putting it on (the poster?).
  15. Typed up clearer to show (binder/poster) that the experiment was done over a 3 weeks and to separate plants into 10 different buckets and also measure (number?) stomata.
  16. We could have done a better job on enlarging the important things on the poster and also possibly using the poster more as a prop instead of just occasionally pointing to it (the poster during judging).
  17. We should have rehearsed a little more and known more about the results and recommendations (during judging).
  18. I should have filled in the awkward silences by further explaining the experiment.
  19. I probably should have given my spiel at a slower pace (during judging). I tend to talk fast, and my first few speeches “DHEA” sounded like some weird mixture of words. I also might have left out the fact that the hermit crabs get the DHEA some days because they knocked their (food) dish over.
  20. I think that the science fair was a difficult as I thought it was. The judges weren’t too prying but a lot of them did ask the same questions. A lot of the (other) experiments were more difficult and in depth than ours (curing cancer). People were nice and it was interesting to hear other people talk about their project.
  21. I should have made my poster neater, I should have prepared my answers better, and I should have picked a more complex project with more “straight-up” results. At the fair I saw posters with complex ideas that inspired me to make a better project and enter it next year.
  22. We should have been more coordinated in standing and replying to judges. With some judges, we weren’t sure who to have to reply (to a judge’s questions). In other cases, we had a few slip ups in speaking. At one time, we weren’t sure how to phrase words. At the fair, there were some really fascinating projects. I would love to conduct a research experiment like those. For instance, there was a sophomore who was researching a cure for cancer.
  23. What we should have done better is that we should have not been so nervous. The judges said that we should have been more prepared than we were. One of the judges asked about our standard deviation and we had no idea.  Also some dude tried to solve cancer and really makes me want to go to the fair again.
  24. I needed to articulate my words better… the judges were leaning towards me to try and hear what I was saying.  I needed to make my poster less blank.
  25. What did I see that would make me want to participate again: projects that had a real world application such as the tobacco virus-solar cells?
  26. We should have made the judges more interested in our project. I was intimidated by the project across from us, he was curing cancer for his project and he talked a lot.