Science Fair Information:  (steps to picking a project located below this table)  

NOTE: Change starting in 2011-2012 school year: TVSEF is now part of Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair, therefore we are now associated with the Contra Costa County Science and Engineering Fair (CCCSEF). This fair requires a $25 application fee,  students are still required to complete a science project for the class but are no longer obligated but still encouraged to enter the CCCSEF due the fee requirement.* Email me if you have additional concerns or questions at . (*students can ask for a waiver from the fair director).

Direct link to Science Fair Site (CCCSEF affiliated with ISEF) Link to Application

Parent/Student Science Fair Confirmation Letter

Science Fair Assignment Calendar and Approved Microbe List

Advice and Comments from this year's class to next year's class 

Tips from a Sweepstakes Winner

Example Science Fair Project (from American Biology Teacher)

Science Fair Class Rubric

Science Project Resources:

Why ARE you doing this project?

Remember almost all of these projects have already been done. These links are here to help you get an idea of what kinds of testable questions have already been performed and also the level of questions you are expected to ask.  Also you can take any of these ideas and ask the next logical or deeper question. After reading through a project, does a question pop into your mind, can you develop this question into a separate and unique project?

Okay, it’s time to JUMP in and get your idea!

Step One:

Go to Science Buddies and take the topic selection wizard to get an idea of what topics you’re interested in right now:

Step Two:

Check out all topic categories (please stick to categories related to biology)

Science Fair Categories and sub-categories

Step Three:

See what’s out there; use the links below:

 Science Buddies

Discovery Channel

California State Fair

Other Links to current news for additional ideas:

a. Nature News:

b. Science Magazine News:

c. National Geographic News:

d. Scientific American News:

e. Discover Magazine News:

List of links to research journals online

Check out the newspaper for the latest science news:


General Science:

Science Daily:

Step 4: Check out science fair projects and winners:

California State Fair

5. Organisms used in prior science fair projects (and are fairly easy to obtain approval):

C. elegans


Yeast (Saccharomycetes)

Bacteria (approved list:

Wisconsin Fast Plants

Fungi (mushrooms)