Study Guide for Chapter 15 Quiz


Chapter 15 Evolution Open Journal Reading Quiz    # _____


  1. True or False. Evolution is a scientific theory. Give a reason to support your answer.


  1. How did Huttonís Theory of Geological Change and Lyellís Principles of Geology contribute to Darwinís understanding what he saw on his trip on the Beagle?


  1. What are Lamarckís three theories of how organisms can change over time? Why has Lamarckís theories been mostly discarded?


  1. Define natural selection and how natural selection is related to species fitness, what exactly is being selected during this process?


  1. Describe 3 types of evidence for evolution that Darwin used to support for his theory of change over time.


  1. Summarize three points (8 were listed) of Darwinís theory of evolution.