Test Correction Procedure.

1. Tests and answer sheets MAY NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE CLASSROOM.

2. Come in at lunch or after school (see me to make sure I'm available after school).

3. On a piece of notebook paper:


Example a question: What organelles contains chromatin? a. Ribosomes, b. Smooth ER, c. Nucleus, d. Golgi Bodies

a. write the correct answer (complete sentences please) AND WHY THAT IS THE CORRECT ANSWER..(example, "Chromatin is DNA, DNA is found in the nucleus.")

b. state why you missed the question AND WHY THAT WAS THE     WRONG ANSWER OR WHY THAT ANSWER ISN'T THE TRUE ANSWER. (example: " ribosomes make protein, they don't make DNA"

    c. look in the textbook and note the page and paragraph number that gives an explanation about the subject of the missed question.

4. Leave your test correction sheet in the folder with your "scantron" and essay.

5. You will receive 1/4 point per corrected answer which will be added to your current test score.